America Proud! Flying the “Black Flag of Islam” over the White House!

Not so? How else might we describe it when the Muslim Brotherhood has more privileges, more freedom to move about in America than the American public?

THIS treatment (H/T BattlefieldUSA) is for We, the People. Many might call us We, the Fools.

And the below is courtesy of the enemy within our own borders. Correct me if I am wrong but I do believe Hillary “Benghazi” Clinton still headed the State Department at the time these liberties were being bestowed on the Muslim Brotherhood. And, we can all be certain Hussein Obama knew noting, I say, nothing about this!

H/T InfoWars -
DHS Gave Muslim Brotherhood VIP Treatment, No TSA Pat Downs
A newly released document obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request confirms that the State Department ordered the Department of Homeland Security to spare members of the Muslim Brotherhood traveling to the US in 2012 a TSA pat down or any kind of secondary screening.The one page document (PDF), obtained by the Investigative Project on Terrorism, shows that members of a Muslim Brotherhood delegation traveling through Minneapolis Airport, New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport and Dulles Airport were handed expedited entry known as “port courtesy,” which is normally reserved for high ranking government officials and dignitaries. Read here.
white houseblackflag.jpg.

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