The techi face of evil – part one

From Examiner.com12/09/13 Top tech firms balk at feeding info to secretive underground gov’t – Four excerpts -

The nation’s top Internet technology firms have joined together to pressure Barack Obama and Congress to significantly roll back the government’s massive, all-encompassing surveillance program.

The Hill reports that Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple, AOL, and Linkedin have banded together to demand the president and Congress to enact sweeping reforms that would totally revamp and spell out in no uncertain terms the limitations of the power of the underground agencies. The tech companies want these agencies to be restricted by clear limitations on their power, spelled out by law.

But in the world of “top secret America," as the Washington Post has dubbed it, the normal rules do not apply. The personnel operate by their own rules. The Constitution is a non-entity. Laws are ignored as a matter of course. But those who have the authority to rein it in do not know enough about what is going on to demand accountability.

The tech companies have been reluctantly cooperating with the underground government by feeding them truckloads of information on their customers. But as this practice has expanded and as more and more pressure has been placed on the tech firms, a line was crossed at which point the tech companies said, “No more.”

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That "line" wasn’t that what they had been doing (helping our government spy on American citizens) was wrong and a crime against their fellow man. It wasn’t that they had grown a conscience.

From The HillTech giants unite against NSA

If users begin to get skittish about sharing information online, it could stop the booming business of Internet advertising dead in its tracks.

The line that was crossed was the fear of the loss of the almighty dollar and the mind numbing power that goes with it.

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