Limousine liberals-literally

I can't remember the last  time I shared a anything from PMSNBC or MSN, same thing actually.

I found this while surfing MSN, which I do on occasion. This is usually out of wanting to be entertained about the what the beautiful people are doing about saving the sea slugs, spotted frogs, doing all they can to support an administration that wants to really make the American people slaves.

I was not disappointed and you just have to read this. These earth friendly, never met a tax they did not like, closet environazis who support UN Agenda 21(do they even know what this is?), do they really think they are making a difference by the 'cars' they drive? Before you take a look at this, remember some are vegans (nothing wrong with this but to wear it on your forehead and to try to force it on others is wrong), most live in mansion and have more than one residence and many of them have more than one car. It is all about saying look at me, always look at me. It is about keeping up appearances and being so politically correct, it smells and looks really bad. Get a bucket because a barf bag is not going to big or deep enough.

Here you go. PatriotUSA

Stars and their eco-friendly cars.

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