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Call this an opinion from the RIGHT side of the Cascades. 

Where great jobs are scarce but taxes and government overreach, are high. 


Look at that beautiful picture at the top of the post. Can you see all the evil traps it is littered with? If you look long enough I bet you will see some unicorns and look, there is Barack Obama riding one. Yes, it is true! And I have a 'Coors tree' on our deck that produces full cans of Coors year round. Well, not full cans BUT I do have have a Coors tree on our deck.  A Picture of the elusive Coors tree will be at the end of the post. I promise!

Please read the wonderful guest opinion against trapping from one of my 'favorite' progressive regressive limousine liberals from Poverty With A View land, Bill Bodden. Mr. Bodden hates everything that a liberal should hate. He hates anything that resembles conservative values, morals and ethics. Mr. Bodden rails against his own kind yet he does not even see this as he is against classical liberalism that some of the Founding Fathers believed in. You will see what I mean and Mr. Bodden has been shared here before. I just cannot recall when. My response will be after Mr. Bodden's letter.

Letter: Time to banish trapping for ‘sport’

 Published Dec 5, 2013 

In a Nov. 19 editorial, The Bulletin reminded its readers of a famous slogan originated by former Gov. Tom McCall: “Come visit us again and again. ... But for heaven’s sake, don’t come here to live.”

The evening before, KTVZ gave potential visitors a reason to think twice about visiting Oregon when it reported that two animal traps had been found in a popular local park and that one of them had injured a dog. This happened in a community noted for its fondness for dogs, also making it an ominous warning for local residents.

But it is not this particular incident that should cause us to warn visitors about the hazards of visiting Oregon, seeking to enjoy its renowned outdoors. This is not the first time a dog has been the victim of a trap in Oregon nor, unfortunately, will it be the last. The tragic story of the dog, Kieri, on a visit to the Metolius River, is told at http://kieri.org. 

A few months before Kieri suffered the injuries that eventually led to her being euthanized, I was walking a trail along the Metolius riverbank not far from the Wizard Falls Hatchery where she was trapped. To get a better angle on some scenes I was photographing, I occasionally stepped off the narrow trail, glancing only at the ground to find secure footing. The thought that I could have stepped on a trap and suffered severe injuries to an ankle never occurred to me. No more.

So what if you don’t have a dog? How about a horse that could be caught in a trap? I know one equestrian who no longer takes her dogs along on a ride fearing for their safety. Think about that. Do you have children? What happened to many dogs in Oregon could happen to your kids. 

When many of us were children, some of the great joys of childhood included running free across an open meadow, hiding behind trees in a wooded area, picking fruit from a bush and running along a river’s bank — areas trappers frequently use in Oregon. No more of these delights for the children we care about. For those of us aware of how Oregon’s public lands are littered with traps, we are like people in a former war zone, fearful of stepping on a landmine. Though none may exist in our area, we never know, and we judiciously consider the possibility of a trap being in our chosen path and the consequences of our or a loved one becoming a victim. You want to enjoy the outdoors without fear of traps? Stick to asphalt paths or maybe remote wilderness areas.
One of the great ironies of trapping in Oregon is that there are only a few hundred trappers practicing this barbaric “sport.” But they hold hostage all of the people who know they risk injury from hidden traps where they would want to go for recreation and endanger many others who are not aware of these hazards.

The tally of intended victims is horrendous. Estimates put annual totals over 20,000 animals. But wait, as they say on television commercials. There is another estimate of a similar number of unintended victims that includes, on too many occasions, members of endangered species.

Trappers defend their nefarious pastime with the argument that it’s a tradition and part of our heritage. There are many other “traditions” we have rightfully abandoned, and it is time to banish trapping for “sport” along with these other embarrassments.
As in other states with trapping problems, concerned citizens in Oregon are working to eliminate trapping for “sport” on public lands. There is more information on this at www.trapfreeoregon.com.

— Bill Bodden


There you have it and according to Mr. Bodden, trapping is for sport, recreational and like other 'traditions', it must be banished because it is embarrassing. I do not think trapping is as embarrassing as the Obama regime is or the liberal progressive stupidity that governs Oregon or maybe abortions. Do I need to mention Cover Oregon again and that the program director resigned in disgrace after fleecing the taxpayers for millions of dollars?  The site still does not work to this day. This gets a pass from the likes of Bodden. Oregon is not littered with traps, not even close. It is littered, overrun with liberals, far left regressive, oppressive collectivists like him. It is especially foul in on the left side of the Cascades in the Willamette Valley, Portland, Eugene, Salem, Medford. All of the them, havens for the denizens of the left. They are over on this side of the Cascades as well as evidenced by Mr. Bodden. I left out where he lives.

We cannot forget the children either now can we? Mr. Bodden tries to convince us that the poor children have been robbed of the joys of childhood by all those nasty traps that are littering the landscape of Oregon. Really? Our children can no longer "enjoy the great joys of childhood included running free across an open meadow, hiding behind trees in a wooded area, picking fruit from a bush and running along a river’s bank — areas trappers frequently use in Oregon. No more of these delights for the children we care about."

What a crock! I see children all the time doing these great joys of childhood in these areas NOT frequently used by the vast majority of trappers. I know a few trappers and they are extremley careful where and how they place their traps. I have also known some government trappers, Mr. Bodden and do you want to ban them as well? What will you say to the rancher, farmer, rural residents who have had their livestock butchered by wolves, coyotes, bears, cougars? Their beloved pets snatched off the deck or porch of their homes. Let me take this a little farther, Mr. Bodden. What about the children? What about when predators attack our children? This has already happened elsewhere. Should we tell the parents to just bang pots and pans or sit in drum circles and sing old hippie protest songs to protect our children?
One of the worst hypocrisies is how tragic it is to me that people like Bodden are so concerned about the children. Where is Mr. Bodden on the topic of ABORTION? How does he feel about all the babies that are murdered in the womb in the name of freedom of choice and being so progressive, modern, the wholesale murder of how many generations of aborted babies? How many future Presidents, warriors, statesmen and women have been butchered, torn to pieces and sucked out into a bucket?  He is so concerned about little Susie or Billy stepping on a trap like children stepping on mines in Afghanistan yet he is all right with aborting babies and our taxes supporting federally sanctioned murder.
There is no logic to Bill Bodden's arguments against trapping, none. In my opinion and it is just that, he suffers from cognitive dissonance. What are the chances of a child being aborted or  a child stepping on a trap?  Look it up and you know which is more likely to happen. How about we ask Planned Parenthood?

Mr. Bodden, we are not being held hostage by a few hundred trappers. I would have say if anything, the people of this state are being held hostage by the likes of liberals like you. It is the oppressive regressive liberal voters who are actually concentrated in the big cities of western Oregon and the Willamette valley. Take those away and the state overall is oh no, conservative and votes conservative.

About those traps found in a local park and dog getting hurt? Very stupid to place traps there and  very sad for the dog. How do we know some environazi or someone from trapfree Oregon did not place those traps in that local park? Such people spiked trees and loggers died from hitting those spikes. Do you condone such actions Mr. Bodden? I worked as a logger, cut into a few spiked trees and was nearly killed, twice. Such radicals are Eco-terrorists, Mr. Bodden. What would you say to that?

The fact that you, Mr.Bodden went out into the outdoors and never gave it thought about stepping on a trap is ridiculous. Do you watch for Rattlesnakles?  I have ran a trap line in the far distant past and never encountered a single one other than the ones we had set. I have hiked, hunt for game and vermin, fished all over the west, in remote wilderness and populated areas and never encountered one trap. Maybe there were some, maybe there were none. I have found the remains of livestock, pets ravaged by predators. I have helped ranchers control coyotes when the population got out of hand. I have encountered a fair number of Rattlesnakes, scorpions, poisonous critters but not one single trap. I have encountered far more ignorant people in the wilderness or populated areas who did not think anything bad could happen to them. Yes, a child, adult, pet, horse may very rarely step on a trap and I agree, this is a terrible thing. It is also a terrible event when a badger lunges out of it's burrow and attacks your horse, your cattle dog or you. Trapping is tightly controlled in Oregon and for many it is extra income or they trap troublesome predators. Cougars come to mind as we can not hunt them with dogs and now they are a problem in some areas. You, Mr. Bodden want us to think we live in a war zone littered with a minefield of traps? Under the newest rules and regulations, any area that has traps has to marked and signed by the owner(s) of the traps. It is also illegal to disturb or vandalize someone' s traps.  Do you think all trappers are stupid, ignorant rednecks or hicks? This is what your letter implies. I would call being taxed and regulated to death by progressive regressive liberals more 'nefarious' than the trappers, Mr. Bodden.

Trapping is not pretty nor is it violence free. Abortion, no matter how the procedure is  completed, is bloody and violent. The circle of life and death is usually quite violent. Predators kill prey every day. You think a cougar eating a deer while it is still alive is pretty Mr. Bodden? A wolf ripping out the throat of of a calf or lamb and leaving it uneaten, killing it for sport is pretty because it is just nature? Or you think the predator is in the right because they were there first and it is the rancher, farmer who is evil for being where they are?

You want to enjoy the outdoors and our country? Then please ignore the ravings of a moron like Mr. Bodden and vote out of office those that support the far left views of Mr. Bodden. Traitors like Obama, Kitzhaber, Merkley, Wyden, DeFazio, and other liberal red diaper babies who want to tax and regulate us to death, ban any and all guns, make us slaves worse than we are now.

Here is that Coors Tree I mentioned at the top of the post.

As always, I remain your obedient and most humble servant. PatriotUSA

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