December 7, 1941: Pearl Harbor 72 years ago. Never forget!

This is a re-post from three years ago and I have added some thoughts and reflections.

In 2010, this country was two years into Obama's first term. So many people were fooled, deluded and caught up in the big change that the United States had finally elected a Black man to the highest office in the land and the most powerful position in the world.
What do we have in 2013? A manufactured liar, cheat and avowed Marxist. One who is slathering and drooling over the death of the communist Nelson Mandela from South Africa. Obama ordered all flags be flown at half mast  to 'honor' the Che' Guevara of Africa. Did Obama order the flags lowered when the Iron Lady of England, Margaret Thatcher passed away? No he did not. Obama barely recognized her passing and he snubbed England and did not send anyone of importance from the United States to
her funeral. Yet Obama and the world will drool and grovel over the finally dead Marxist Mandela, for days. It will be interesting to see how Obama pays homage to those who lost their lives on December 7th, 1941 in comparison.

Fast forward to today, three years later and this once fine Republic is on it's way to becoming 'Detroit', from left to right coast. Obama has been purging the U.S. military of the best commanders. Defense spending and programs have been slashes, jobs lost, not replaced, our enemies watered and fed on our own abundance, arrogance, and ignorance. The blood of patriots shed in the lands of our so called allies and the wholesale wrecking of what we used to know as America. We are burdened by ever increasing taxes hidden in almost every government program and regulations that are strangling small, mid size and even large corporations. So much so the most of the job growth is in government jobs.

Keep with me here as this is not going where you think I may be taking this post.

With all that we are facing here at home and abroad, it is easy to become downcast, defeated and start whining what good will result if I try to say, do anything or try to effectively change what is going on?  Too many people are taking this line of thought and they are collectively giving up, just coping, accepting that this is just the new normal. If this is the road that you have chosen or are turning to, stop right here and please check out. Go out the way you came in but do leave the light on for others who interested in stepping out and trying to stem the blood loss before our Republic literally bleeds to death from the loss of American freedom blood.

What made me decide to run this post again? Laziness, too much pain and being beaten down time after time, losing too battles and winning very few of them? None of the above faithful readers, none of the above. Here is why I chose this post: AMERICAN EXCEPTIIONALISM and resiliency as exemplified by those who decided that a Japanese sucker punch in our American face was not be tolerated and would be defeated at any and all cost. We as individuals, FREE countrymen and women admitted we got punched and smacked hard from what happened on December 7th, 1941 but we refused to be beaten down or back by Japan and the Axis powers. The average become warriors, kings and queens to defeat tyranny. Bill Whittle summed it perfectly for me and maybe he does for you too:

"There are only shards lying before us, waiting for us to gather the will to reforge and wield them. It’s a decision, not a doom or a destiny, and we have to make it every day.

I don’t know if we can stop the destruction of everything we love in this world. I don’t know that we can destroy this all-seeing eye that seems to watch us all now, day and night, in this once-free land. I don’t know if all of my efforts will amount to anything at all, in the end, and I don’t know if yours will either. I only know that every day I will make a decision to do everything I can to make sure my land, my realm, my America does not fall into darkness today. " Read Bill Whittle's Shards here. You cannot help but  come away stronger and with a light in your eye that NO ONE will be able to take away nor defeat unless you and I let them win.

This is what the men and women who survived Pearl Harbor did. They picked up the shards that remained and reforged the United States into a country which refused to be defeated by Japan and Nazi Germany. This is already a very rough road we are on. It will get rougher, it may get violent and if it does get violent, much American blood will be spilled, at home and abroad.

While Obama and the world's statists, humanists, far left Marxists pine over the dead communist, re-write history to make Mandel bigger than he ever was in life, I chose to honor December 7th, 1941, and the United States. I chose to honor those who lost their lives and those who served. Thank you to all who served in World War Two up to today, December 7th, 2013. Without you and your sacrifices, I would not be free to type these very words. PatriotUSA


December 7, 1941: Pearl Harbor 69 years ago.

PEARL HARBOR TRIBUTE: Remember that it's our responsibility to keep the memory alive and to pass this history on to the younger generations. Never Forget.

Below you will find videos, photos and many Pearl Harbor links related to that horrible morning 69 years ago. Take your time browsing through this post and feel free to pass it on to others.

Before you continue, though, take a moment to think about how your day is going. Then think of how their day must have been. Never forget them, honor them always, thank them, pay tribute to them.



Entire Pearl Harbor casualty list here. Chronology of events here. All things Pearl Harbor here. 

Admiral Kimmel removed, testifies before congress--(newsreel)
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CBS RADIO NEWS BULLETIN. ("We interrupt this program")


FDR addresses the Nation.

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Findalis said...

I will never forget. But as we grow older I fear our descendants will not only forget but blame the US for The War.