The Angry Conservative-Guest post

This is a guest post from an individual who goes by the name of Young Republican.

As is my habit and this is right out of trying to be a fair, moral, honest, welcoming person who lives by the code of MY morals, ethics and values, I am sharing one of YR posts with you.

I admire this person who is much younger than me and YR posts over at Conservative Blogs Central. So do I and it is a great site. YR said some things that were for the most part accurate but YR was painting the canvas with a very wide brush. I came into the discussion late and YR had gone after two friends over at CBC. I jumped in and as the discussion got passionate and a bit 'heated', I called YR a name or two and the one that I got YR with when I called YR a 'sniveling whelp.' I make no apologies to YR as my name for YR is pretty accurate from my take on things. You have to be tough and very thick skinned in the blogging world and even more so in the real world. I also am staunch, nasty and vicious defender of my friends. All there is to it and I know no other way. YR objects to name calling and the ad hominem attacks and I said, tough get over it and so did a couple of other bloggers. YR claims we were of intellectually bereft levels. No, not even close but whatever.

Young Republican is a very deep, articulate thinker and writes very well. What YR has to say is worth reading and while I do not agree with all of what YR writes, it is a good thing, a very good thing we have younger folks who actually give a damn and are starting to see the forest for the trees.

This is the post that I jumped into the comments section of and had to assist, defend my friends, Neil Schnurr and Conservative Wife.

If You're Looking for Someone to Blame, Try Looking in the Mirror

Everyone knows the rules of the house and I will NOT tolerate any nastiness or nefarious behavior. This person writes with passion and is worried for their future. I would be too if it was my their generation that gave us Obama. I am deeply worried about not only myself, my children, yours but I am also extremely worried for all generations behind us. PatriotUSA


The Angry Conservative 

By Young Republican

The other day I responded to a post on Conservative Blogs Central and needless to say I was shocked by the visceral response I received in kind.  I am innocent of nothing when it came to instigating the debate, but I do not believe I ever stooped to the level of name calling and ad hominem attacks.  I apologize to everyone if you can find an instance of me lowering myself to such intellectually bereft levels.  I was inspired to write this post because of the aforementioned interaction.  Yes I was angry, but my anger was caused by blame being placed upon my whole generation without what I to believed to be any warranted reason.  I will agree to the fact that my geneartion, the Millenials, voting overwhelmingly for our President.  This I cannot dispute, but I will not let the blame be placed soley upon my generation for the near entirety of the current mess we find ourselves.

One claim I must respond to is that the Baby Boomers voted overwhelmingly conservative in the past elections.  This claim is not true as seen by the chart provided by Fox News below,  As you can see the bulk of the Boomers (50-64 or those born between 1948-1962)  were almost evenly split, seprated by only five points.  And those in the older cohort of Generation X (another group accused for our current malase) hardly votedly with wild enthusiasm for Mr. Obama.

In conclusion my central point in this response is that anger at our youngest generation will get us no where.  Yes I myself have said my generation is shooting ourselves in the foot, but I do not believe we are beyond hope.  In order for conservatives to win the youth vote in future elections or I should say the middle aged vote very soon we must tinker our messaging.  We cannot resort to the us versus them tactics that have characterized both sides of the debate as of recent.  The Republcian party I am sorry to sar,  just like Obama in 2008, must come off as all encompassing ready to accept everyone and ready to help everyone. Ronald Reagan was the same way.

As much as some other people on these boards will not admit, marketability and yes this means "coolness" sometimes, is a big factor in winning elections.  If you do not think Reagan won partially because of his coolness and likeability you are kidding yourselves.  Politics as much as I would like it to be is not all about ideas.  Politics I hate to say for those idea people out there is mostly about common appeal.  Most people do not start their weeks off by watching the Sunday talking head shows and most people do not continue to surround themselves with such talk throughout the week.  The majority of Americans tune in to politics every four years and then they go about their everyday lives.  If Republicans wish to take back power and pass conservative policies we must once again, just like one of our favorites Mr. Reagan, attempt to master the art of common appeal.

In which age group are you?












65 or over

Source: Fox News

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Anonymous said...

Change the message in what way? Lets be honest; the Democrat party is entirely made up of diverse special interest groups each one with their hands out. The blacks could care less about the homsexuals or radical feminist as long as they get their free stuff and quotas. The Hispanics cold care less about the other minorities as long as they get their free stuff and unlimited immigration for hispanics. The homsexuals could care less about the blacks and hispanics as long as they get special treatment and everyone who disagrees with them are punished. And on and on. So what exactly dowe need to do? Screw over the old people by destroying health care and creatng death panels. Destroy our country with open borders and new "citizens" whose real allegience lies in some other country? Embrace gay marriage and the right to have sex with children? What constitutional rights and duties are you asking us to throw out to get/buy votes?