Military Police Leak FEMA Gun Confiscation Plan

I am NOT an Alex Jone's person at all but this is worth sharing and there are MANY reasons to be concerned. The feds are just needing an excuse to declare martial law. Another bad storm, terrorist attacks, domestic chaos, fear and loathing from the collapse of the system, food stamp riots, government made crisis like school shootings, the Naval yard incident, or just any reason to kill as many domestic American Patriots off as they can? You think I am joking? Get your head out of your collective A$$es and wake up. The vipers along with the foxes are indeed not only in the chicken coop, they are setting us up to fail and only need an excuse to protect 'us' from the evil bad guys. PatriotUSA

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Andrea said...

GrumpyElder just posted this - What the F**k Were Armed Patrol Boats Doing In A Private Community


Findalis said...

I used to respect and trust the police. Now I consider them the enemy and treat them thus.