CDC – When is a shadow not a shadow?

When it has the smell of a false flag for at least one very alarming reason!

The warp speed preparations being made by our government to take care of America in the event of an H7N9 Pandemic Flu (bird flu) outbreak are extensive. The money being spent is astronomical. The material below - judge for yourself. It looks as if they intend to bring the general public up to speed here very shortly.

And yet – with the ability to bring America to it’s knees, killing millions – these very areas of the Department of Health and Human Services are mostly shut down as part of the “non-essential” areas of government. And yet (again) the information below does not even specifically refer to the H7N9 Pandemic Flu issue?

Someone please make some sense out of that one if you would?

The Department of Health and Human Services
Fiscal Year 2014

Contingency Staffing Plan for Operations in the Absence of Enacted Annual Appropriations – Excerpts -
Summary of Activities to Remain Open and be Closed:

Consistent with legal advice that activities authorized by law, including those that do not rely on annual appropriations, and activities that involve the safety of human life and protection of property are to be continued, some of the HHS activities that would continue include:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC – will continue minimal support to protect the health and well being of US citizens here and abroad through a significantly reduced capacity to respond to outbreak investigations, processing of laboratory samples, and maintaining the agency’s 24/7 emergency operations center.

Activities that would not continue include:

CDC would be unable to support the annual seasonal influenza program, outbreak detection and linking across state boundaries using genetic and molecular analysis, continuous updating of disease treatment and prevention recommendations (e.g., HIV, TB, STDs, hepatitis), and technical assistance, analysis, and support to state and local partners for infectious disease surveillance.
The posts below from Pissin On The Roses website are presented in the order they were published. The titles alone give a good idea of what our government is doing.
09/09/13 [ALERT!] ALL 300 Million American Citizens WILL Be Given TWO Experimental Adjuvant Laced H7N9 Vaccinations! – Video
09/12/13 UNUSUAL URGENT ACTIVITY: CDC Readies MULTIPLE Medical Stations & EMERGENCY Stockpile Supply Deliveries to the Pacific Rim – Video
09/17/13 [FEMA] 48 Hour Delivery Order: 100,000 “Doctor Scrubs”; 1000 (100 Person) Shelters; + Fuel, Showers, Bathrooms, and Hygine Equipment; Apparent Mobilization of the National Disaster Medical System – Video
09/19/13 CDC Awards 2.79 Million DOSE Order For Radiation Sickness Treatment from AMGEN. (works on FLU too) – Video
09/20/13 Survivability Analysis of INFLUENZA vs Portable UVC Air Purifiers and Home HEPA Air Filters – Video
09/22/13 Hemorrhagic H7N9 Avian Flu + Pandemic Blood Shortage = $57,000,000 award to Cellphire for Thrombosomes – Video
09/25/13 MAX ALERT: CDC Plans Live EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM Pandemic Flu Broadcast – Video
09/27/13 CDC Says: “the US health care system is likely to be overwhelmed” from a Fall 2013 H7N9 Outbreak – Video
10/01/13 [H7N9 TRIAGE DEATH PANEL] ONE Day delay in Hospital Admission may Significantly reduce ICU Loads & Costs – Video
10/03/13 Analysis of “Mapping Spread and Risk of Avian Influenza A (H7N9) in China”
I am astounded – jaw droppingly astounded at what Hussein Obama considers a “national threat” after viewing the information prior to the last post. But then, what would this lowly terrorist blogger know about such anyway. Right?

Perhaps I am missing something here but it looks pretty black and white. Review for yourselves.

Is this possibly the biggest false flag to date? Purchases and preparations imply tremendous urgency, but obviously not urgent enough to be designated as “essential” to America’s national security? Certainly POTUS doesn’t have it at the top of his list or even on his list.  WHY is that?

I absolutely am not suggesting any information here be ignored or trashed in any way. All of the activity by our government is well documented via video and in the links provided in each post. The bird flu is very real concern. Pray it never reaches our shores.

Pray this elaborate scenario is not just a way to at last control, We, the People.

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Findalis said...

I am hearing rumors of an "October Surprise" by Obama soon. I wouldn't put it pass him to try and stop the 2014 and 2016 elections and have himself declared President for Life.