War For America - There Are Truths, There Are Lies

Let's not even talk about several generations of Blacks, brainwashed since birth to believe the outright lies spoon fed to them for nearly a half century and it not once occurring to most that they are being deceived by mouth pieces of deception, evil and hate who count on their ignorance and the faithful inconceivability of sock puppets to not research and question the misrepresentations of those with an agenda of their own.

The strike out in Puma's quote is my own. While she was speaking of the black community, the statement is still absolutely apropos to every one of us regardless of race. The psyops unleashed in today's War For America is and has been ongoing for many years. There is no end in sight and will not be until the destroyers of America have completed their evil task, or until We, the people, put a stop to it.

Methods used run the gamut from traditional media to the non-traditional. From political cartoons to what become iconic imagery. From videos and sound bites to every form of communication available today. Every tool is being used to program those totally gullible, and to influence those not.

The brass ring (power) on the merry-go-round is the prize. You and I are the brass rings. Without us, they fail.

Lyrics from a Kate Bush video haunt me - But they told us, all they wanted, was a sound that could kill someone, from a distance, so we go ahead, and the meters are over in the red. It's a mistake we've made.

These pieces below are perfect examples of attempts to influence and advance an agenda on three issues. Are they truth, or lie? In my personal opinion, of the four, there are two truths, and two lies.



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PatriotUSA said...

I refuse to be the hunted nor will I become the hunter. I am simply one who is a defender of myself, family, what few possession we, a defender of those who are attacked on the basis of skin color, religion, gender.

If I see a situation, I will not stand idly by. If there is a second revolution, you KNOW where I will be.
Count on it.

Andrea said...

Patriot - we are already being hunted. ALL of these outrageous situations are being thrown out like meat intended to draw us closer and closer to his lair.