Poverty with a view-Support carbon fee

Poverty with a view: Support carbon tax 

Hey New York, enjoying your heat wave and all that expensive electricity now that almost all COAL fired plants have been shut down?  Maybe Mayor Bloomberg will turn up his thermostat to 76-78 degrees to set an example of sacrifice to all, especially the elderly and really POOR people.

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Commentary, opinions pulled from the local daily fish wrapper, other sources from around the Pacific Northwest and beyond. With additional commentary from yours truly, one who has the affliction known hereabouts as 'permagrump', PatriotUSA. 

Call this an opinion from the RIGHT side of the Cascades. 

Where great jobs are scarce but taxes and government overreach, are high. 

Before anyone accuses me  of going off the rails, I AGAINST a carbon tax or fee in any form, period. A perfect way to cripple our wounded economy, a carbon fee or tax.
Poverty with a view has always  traditionally featured a beautiful picture from Central Oregon. That had to stop at least for this issue' of PWAV. The incredibly powerful image of an awesome, yes I said AWESOME, coal fired plant was a requirement for this post. I like coal, natural gas, hydroelectric, nuclear (done right), solar, biomass and oil. I like fossil fuels and the government, particularly the Obama regime has made it very clear it wants to kill off the coal and fossil fuel industry, for good. I think wind energy and alternative fuels are a joke. Think about how many people the grains now used for ethanol production could feed. A tragic waste of  food sources. America has an abundance of coal and natural gas. Why not use these excellent resources until other energy sources actually become feasible and affordable. 

This is a letter from today's daily's Rock Chuck wrapper, The Bend Bulletin. 'Fish Wrarpper' really is owned by the Oregon Marxist Times, otherwise known as The Oregonian. The Bulletin likes to call itself a 'conservative paper but it is not, not even close. We have a lot of Golden Marmots here (Rock Chucks) and they are nothing but a worthless vermin, raptor and snake food. I have to be careful here as I know the author of the letter you are about to read. They are very well off financially and I will leave it it that. They are good friends and I respect them but I do not and will not ever agree with them politically, socially, ethically nor morally. They are 'treehuggers' and I made a living cutting trees down, lots of them. I have left out the name, out of respect and friendship.  If you leave any comments please DO NOT mention names and I expect proper manners and decorum. My response will be below, after the letter. 
Here it is.

Support carbon fee

Published: July 19. 2013 4:00AM PST
On June 25, President Obama gave a major and long-awaited address outlining his administration’s plans for combating climate change. He described three overall initiatives: reducing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening U.S. capacity to respond to extreme weather, and moving into a leadership role internationally to work with other countries to get a handle on their emissions as well. Within this comprehensive framework, he provided many specific actions that can and will be taken without requiring legislation from Congress, most importantly regulating carbon emissions from existing coal- and gas-fired power plants.

Congress, however, should not be let off the hook. Economists across the political spectrum agree that the most effective way to reduce our carbon emissions is by putting a price on carbon at the point at which it is released into the atmosphere (or, in case of imports, when the manufactured item enters the U.S.). The most creative idea for managing such a carbon fee is to redistribute the funds collected to American citizens to cover the inevitable increase in cost of energy and the goods that rely on energy for their production and transportation.

Known as the “carbon fee and dividend" plan, this provides the necessary financial incentive for the energy industry and manufacturers to invest in a major way in clean-energy alternatives to fossil fuels. Those concerned about climate change (isn’t that practically all of us by now?) should contact Sens. Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden and Rep. Greg Walden asking that they support carbon fee and dividend legislation.

Name omitted

Bend, Oregon

"Specific actions that can and will be taken without requiring legislation from Congress, most importantly regulating carbon emissions from existing coal- and gas-fired power plants."

Now this is a great idea! Just bypass Congress and circumvent our laws and Constitution, again and again. Make no mistake about this, the Marxist, American hating Obama will do his best to accomplish this. After all, we quit being a global leader in 2008 and now we just follow from behind, with our nose up Europe's A$$. Global warming is a joke that has been PROVEN to not be true. Climate change? Yes, that is real and documented. It swings both ways, cooler or warmer. Never mind that the earth is cooling overall. One only has to look at the price of energy before and after the manufactured man Obama became POTUS. A gallon of ethanol ruined REGULAR gasoline here in the hinterlands of Central POORegon runs about from $3.73 to over $4.00. I run ethanol free Premium and with the discounts we get from our local grocery store (NOT Safeway or Albertson's) I pay about $3.80 a gallon. I use this in everything, down to the chainsaw and lawnmower. Our electric bill is $160.00 a month, and Natural gas is low right now at $27.00. Both of these are set on the average payment plan. Back in 2008 our utilities were much lower. Our electric bill was $95.00, Natural gas was higher at $48.00. I won't even tell you about our water bill. This is the high desert  after all and I have only planted drought tolerant perennials, shrubs, save for a few roses.

“Carbon fee and dividend plan"

A not so cleverly veiled way to say  higher taxes and an entitlement payment program. A creative idea? No way and this is just a bad idea but when has there ever been a tax that Marxist liberals did not love. How will this 'creative tax idea' be distributed to the AmeriKKKan citizens? Will real Americans be equally included? Do you trust the government to do this honestly and efficiently? Will it based upon income and come with a free phone?  How will this be handled on our tax returns? I bet the IRS is foaming at the mouth and drooling beyond control. Another way to tax Americans. I am duly concerned about climate change but I am not a sheeple nor a lemming. I also can read quite well, thank you very much and have read enough to know that the sky is not falling nor is the earth going to burn up except from the stupidity of governments and people believing in U.N Agenda 21. Senators Merkley, Wyden are nothing but brainwashed far left liberals who could care less about the citizens of this country. Greg Walden is all right but he is no Constitutional Conservative. He has served POORegon reasonably well. 

Here are a couple of not so subtle hints from a simple, struggling to stay above water American citizen and Patriot. If you are so concerned about climate change, can afford and are so WILLING to pay your fair share, then maybe you can contribute to those of us who struggle to fill our gas tanks, heat and cool our homes, put food on our table, hang onto what little we have, provide for our families (that is a one man, one woman with kids family, single dad or mom family just a FYI). 

Maybe a trip is in your future? A trip to talk face to face with all the people who have lost their jobs or are going to be losing their jobs in the coal and energy production industry.I would love you to see you discuss this with a group of laid off AEP workers or coal miners. These two examples are just the tip of the iceberg regarding job losses in the coal and energy production industry. Where is all that precious electricity going to come from that we use for industry and our homes? Solar, well that has not worked so well has it? Wind energy? That would be funny if wind energy was not such a horrible environmental disaster and a terrible value. Ask the raptors of Altamont Pass how well wind energy is working for them? Oh that's right, you cannot as many of them are DEAD, shredded to mincemeat by the wind turbines. If it were not for what else, government subsidies wind and solar would be nothing. Alternative energy sources? Name them please. The only one that is worth it is biomass energy plants. PatriotUSA

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