The TRUTH aqainst the sons of Obama-Light of TRUTH Is Crossing The Tree Tops

To any and all who doubted, laughed at me, us, those who decided to make the stand for truth, to stand in the gap for George Zimmerman and AGAINST the blatant racism of the Black Grievance Industry, against the sons of Obama (spit), against the plantation system pushed by the likes Sharpton, Jackson, Crump, Julison, Gutman...you are having your teeth bashed in by the truth. Now even the MSM has said that The Last Refuge, The Conservative Treehouse, a ragtag bunch of CONSERVATIVES who seek nothing but the truth in all matters, has changed the face of the George Zimmerman trial with 18 months of relentless pursuit of the TRUTH. The truth is their passion at TLR, nothing more, nothing less. Pedal to the metal until there is nothing left of those who would lie, scheme and cheat their way, just to make money. Political correctness is being shown as truly evil. TM is being exposed for what he was, bully, thug, thief, drug dealer. He is not the baby faced angelic kid portrayed by the, MSM, BGI, the racists like Obama and Sharpton. No time to ease off or slow down. Run the BGI over, back over them with the truth and nothing but the truth.

As stated in the post below: "This is not a time to gloat or be prideful, this is the exact moment when you are empowered to chase the shadow dwellers while carrying a sword reflecting the blinding light of truth." 

A special, very special Thank You and tip of the hat must go to Sundance, who is the person responsible for the existence, building of, and relentless pursuit of the truth in all matters but especially for seeking, researching, requesting and delivering the TRUTH over the last 18 months regarding George Zimmerman at The Conservative Treehouse. Sundance has done a masterful job and will continue to do a masterful job in seeking the truth. The Last Refuge is blessed with the finest group of administrators I have encountered at ANY site. The people who live at TLR are fondly called TREEPERS. You can count me, call me a TREEPER as I have been one for over two years now. Some very intelligent, serious minds make up TLR and I do NOT count myself in that very intelligent group. I am a very serious thinker, one who is driven and supported by my foundation of morals, values, honesty, an extreme of common sense, ethics and a very strong compass built upon Jesus and the Founding Fathers.

And yes, for those who seek the truth, so much more is yet to come!

Sorry about being AWOL from here. I am spending A LOT of time out in my shop working on fans for my website. I have always wanted to become a master craftsman and fans are my passion. So this is it, a line has been crossed. How I will do this with my back? The pain is horrific, I keep falling but I know this is what I WANT TO DO for a living. I do not care about making a lot of money, just being able to take care of my family is all. All things are POSSIBLE with Jesus. No worries about this site or me. Neither one is going any place. PatriotUSA



Shout Outs – The Sunrising Light of TRUTH Is Crossing The Tree Tops…..

Congratulations to YOU.     Because of your efforts the light of a sun rising truth is moving steadily across the ground, and through the tree tops.   After 18 months of painstaking research, and righteous push back to bring forth the light of truth, the media is now paying attention.


As MSM reporters begin using google to research the people behind their articles “there you are”, the gold mine of all dot connections, The Last Refuge.   It’s wonderful to see their eye lids peel back as they finally begin to explore the same pathways we have all walked and understand with comfortable familiarity.

The funniest quote I have ever read about this case, and our research upon it, was:
Well, I don’t want to say too much else about this stuff – But I will say:   you damn sure don’t want those CTH folks on your ass…
From a Police Officer (citation omitted purposely)

The Washington Times follows the story around Benjamin Crump

Pat Dollard picks up on the corruption within the Miami-Dade School Police Dept

Jack Cashill writes up another expose’.  This time on Matt Gutman

The Times also picks up on the REAL Tracy Martin

(left to right) Tracy Martin, Benjamin Crump, Brandi Green, Natalie Jackson, Stephen Martin
(left to right) Tracy Martin, Benjamin Crump, Brandi Green, Natalie Jackson, Stephen Martin

…. And yet there is so much more to come out.

So, so, so much more……  This is not a time to gloat or be prideful, this is the exact moment when you are empowered to chase the shadow dwellers while carrying a sword reflecting the blinding light of truth.

It was wonderful to see Alicia Stanley on Anderson Cooper 360.   Her full story is one which shows how self-centered, manipulative, hate filled, and intentionally self-serving the entire construct of the false narrative actually was, and still is.

Tracy Martin 2

While we may diverge in many aspects from Alicia Stanley, one thing we are in total agreement on is how incredibly false the entire life story of Trayvon Martin was in the telling - from the mind and manipulation of Ryan Julison.

She absolutely represents the biggest risk to the Scheme Team dreams of a lucrative payday.  Stanley was, for all intents and purposes, Trayvon’s real mother.  [We will write upon this aspect next].

Source is here

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