More Beheadings in Syria-Why We Should Stay Out

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Atlas Shrugs and Live Leak

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Another day in Syria; another day of beheadings. The al Qaeda-connected group carrying out this gruesome act is reportedly one of those groups we will be providing arms to -or at least knives.



According to Atlas Shrugs, there are Russian voices in that tape, apparently with accents indicating they come from Chechnia or Daghestan. Remember the Brothers Tsarnaev? They got into our country and are not only now known as the Boston bombers, but are suspects in an earlier murder of three Jews in Boston, whose throats were slashed.

And note the presence in the video of so many children. They are the next generation. Are we going to bring them to the US as "refugees" also? How many Americans will die in that cause?

Once again, I ask the question: What if these three men seen in the video were American troops-your son. your husband, your father, your brother? Would you still want us to send troops into that region? Granted, Bashar Assad is a horrible dictator and his troops have killed tens of thousands of innocents in Syria. So how many American soldiers are you willing to lose in this fashion to get rid of Assad?

"Oh", but you say, "those fighters wouldn't do that to us. They are on our side."

So were the killers in Benghazi, we thought.

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PatriotUSA said...

This is who Obama, MCcain etc. are arming in Syria. It is just a matter of time as you mentioned Gary, when it will be Americans going under the knife to this disgusting cult of perversion.

Quite sick how liberals love war and arming such evil when it is their boy in the White House.

No one can ride the Islamic tiger, no one. This is why Islam must be confronted and defeated once and for all.