The silence of the Islamosympathyzing Obama and his regime regarding the riots in Turkey-PERDIFERY!

I can no longer stay silent as the elitist, Nazi like, lap dog media is under orders to do regarding the riots in Turkey. The propagandists at NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, PBS, NPR have said little about the riots in Turkey. Heaven forbid the media think for themselves.

Turkey it seems, is Iran all over again except that Obama sees a friend and Muslim brother in Erdogan. I am not surprised and the globalists like Obama think they can ride the Islamic tiger and reap the 'rewards. There are no rewards from aligning yourself with Islam and the Muslim world. 1400 plus years of lsamic history, paved with 270 million plus deaths of innocent victims has proven there is no getting along with, peace with or within Islam.

Obama has made the clear choice to remain SILENT. He has made the clear choice to say nothing that will offend the Muslim world nor his ally, the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama sees Erdogan, Turkey, the Muslim world as HIS allies and friends. Erdogan has done nothing but consolidate his power. He has and is, remaking Turkey into a total hard core Islamic state, destroying what was once a truly secular society and country.

The best coverage on Turkey can be found from our good friend Confidential Reporter of Foreign Confidential. As I am pressed for time and sort of breaking the rules of patient compliancy, I am directly re-posting and this is outright thievery with CR's approval, of course. There are many more videos and links over at Foreign Confidential. Be sure to read my closing statement at the end of the post. A HUGE thank you to CR and Foreign Confidential. PatriotUSA


A snapshot of fine coverage on Turkey

Turkey's PM Declares War on Social Media

Obama-Backed Islamist Regime Arrests Twitter Users

Twitter use is a crime, according to Turkey's Islamist regime, which the Obama regime has emboldened. 

Turkey's Islamist Regime Using CR Gas on Protesters

Obama's 'Moderate' Islamist PM Follows Fascist Playbook

Turkey … the struggle continues.

And the Obama administration's perfidious alliance with a clerical fascist cloaked in phony "moderation" is backfiring big-time. The fascists are "reproaching" America's Secretary of State.

Read more.

Click below for video reports. NBC and other Obama-fawning media outlets are downplaying or ignoring the protests because the protesters are secular Muslims, not bearded, burqa-wearing, bomb-throwing Islamists. The Obama administration and NBC are pro-Islamist; secular Muslims are dismissed as not being newsworthy.

Disastrous Nominations: Rice to National Security, Power to UN

Obama Nominations Pave the Way for "Humanitarian Intervention" in Syria, Unparalleled Pressure on Israel, Abandonment and Betrayal of Secular Muslims and Christians in the Middle East, Islamist Advances

President Obama is nominating the administration official who dutifully lied about Benghazi to the American people on national television and a viciously anti-Israel, pro-Islamist former foreign policy adviser who was an architect of the unnecessary intervention in Libya--which backfired terribly. 

Catastrophes loom.

Read more.

Samantha Power, America's First-Ever Anti-Israel Ambassador to the United Nations

Click below to watch the video--Power on invading Israel--and here for more.

The Tragedy of the Turkish Spring

Secular Muslims Rebel Against Islamist Regime; West Wonders "Why?" 

It's Islam, stupid--meaning, rightwing political Islam, or Islamism, and overlapping, organized Islam and Islamic fundamentalism.

Secular Turks are fed up with Islamism, taking to the streets to express their anger, risking their lives and freedom in a sudden, bold effort to liberate themselves from an unfolding clerical fascist nightmare. 
Unfortunately, the Obama administration is solidly aligned with Islamism, supporting, sympathetic to and eager to engage (collaborate with) every Islamist regime and group, except for Al Qaeda. Turkey's Islamist regime is regarded as a model for "the Muslim world." 
Islamism is clearly seen by a supposedly progressive U.S. administration as the unstoppable wave of the future. Secular Muslims are of little interest to the administration--and their fawning media outlets.
That's the tragedy of the Turkish Spring--the administration and "liberal" media deny it's happening.

NBC, as if White House-Directed, Disinforms on Turkey

Network "News" Division Sinks to New Lows

Liar, dhimmi stooge and brainwashed moron

Once-great NBC-TV News, as if directed by the pro-Islamist Obama administration, continues to downplay--and disinform--the Turkish uprising story.
Tonight's travesty: Nightly News anchor Brian Williams explaining to his viewers that protesters in Turkey are upset over the government's attempts to promote "conservative values."

An unaware audience member could easily assume Williams was talking about protests against some Republican governor or mayor somewhere in the United States … instead of about primarily younger Turks rising up in righteous anger against the step-by-step, burqa-by-beard-by-mosque destruction of their nation's secular system by an Islamist (clerical fascist) regime that is, embarrassingly, backed by the Obama administration.

Interestingly, the network's chief foreign correspondent, Richard Engel, who certainly knows his way around the Middle East and what President Obama insists on calling "the Muslim world," has not surfaced in Turkey to cover the historic developments.

Apparently, the Turkish Spring is not nearly as newsworthy as the Arab Spring. 

First Death Officially Reported in Turkish Uprising

Victim Was Killed by Taxi that Plowed into Protesters 

The victim, identified by the Turkish doctors union as Mehmet Ayvalitas, was 20 years old and a member of an anarchist-leaning leftwing group, which blamed his death on a "fascist."

The Kemalist Republican People's Party called the victim a "martyr."
Secular Turks, including politically unaffiliated citizens, social democrats, trade unionists, students, artists and intellectuals, are battling brutal police units for control of urban zones.

The middle and working class protesters aim to save Turkey's secular system, which is being dismantled in stages by a clerical fascist--i.e. Islamist--regime that is supported by the supposedly "progressive" Obama administration. 
Liberal media outlets in the United States, enthralled by Obama, have downplayed the Turkish Spring story, following the White House line--which is that the Turkish prime minister is a great friend of the United States and that Turkey's "moderate" Islamism is a a model for "the Muslim world."

Liberal US Media Downplay Turkey's Secular Revolt

NBC the Worst Offender; Network Practically Spikes Story 

Ignored by the pro-Islamist Obama administration and its NATO allies, secular Turks are nevertheless taking to the streets, building barricades, fighting for freedom. Foreign Confidential correspondents say the situation is far more serious than indicated by U.S. media outlets that tend to slavishly follow the Obama party line on foreign policy matters. 

ISTANBUL, June 3 … Turkish police have killed, maimed and brutally beaten protesters. Many protesters have been seriously injured. More than 1,000 have been arrested. There are credible reports of systematic police torture.

Some protesters fear that the Islamist regime is preparing to copy a page from Iran's playbook--squads of pro-regime thugs are reportedly being mobilized to attack protesters.

On the public information front, meanwhile, NBC-TV News is by far the worst offender. The network is behaving like an agent of the Turkish regime--and international Islamism. NBC has practically banned references to Islam or Islamism. Instead, the network's news program viewers were told over the weekend that some Turks are accusing their prime minister of acting in an authoritarian manner. Viewers with little to no knowledge of Turkey's political situation could easily jump to the wrong conclusion--namely, that yet another Muslim  nation is being turned upside down by religious zealots.

The opposite is true, of course. Secular Turks are fed up with clerical fascism and risking their lives, freedom and property to liberate their country from Islamist rule. Turkey isn't Libya or Egypt or Syria. In Turkey, the people throwing the stones and building barricades are the good guys, although you would never know this from NBC's twisted coverage.

Secular Turks Fight On, Ignored by Craven Western Powers

Obama, Overtly Aligned with Muslim Brotherhood, Still Silent 

Pro-"Moderate" Islamist,  US Liberal Media Downplay Uprising; Leftists Who See Islam as Religion of Third World Masses and Republicans (the Moron McCain, for example) Who See Sword of Islam as Anti-Russian, Anti-Chinese Weapon Seem Stunned by Secular Muslim Protests

THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES: A clear choice between good and evil.

ISTANBUL, June 2, 2013 … The struggle against clerical fascism continues--in the streets of Turkish cities.

But the Obama administration and fawning liberal media outlets seem more interested in promoting U.S. intervention in Syria--on the side of Al Qaeda-linked Islamist "rebels"--than in supporting and reporting on secular Turks who are risking their lives to end their nation's U.S./NATO-assisted Islamist nightmare.

Read more.

Marching demonstrators have chanted, "We are all soldiers of Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk)!" A reference to the great, modernizing leader who freed Turkey from centuries of medieval Islamic oppression.

Which side is Obama on--the Kemalist side or the Islamist side? The side of barbarism and burqas, of jihad and suicide bombers, of enslavement of women and Jew-and-Christian-and-secular Muslim-hating imams, or the side of secularism and modernity? The mosque and madrassa side, or the museum and concert hall side? The side of Saudi-financed Islamic centers and institutes, or the side of real universities and colleges? The side of sharia law or civilized laws? Of "Islamic democracy" or genuine democracy? The inherently violent, ugly and intolerant side … which Obama … of "the Muslim world" … elevates to the level of a global power that is somehow in sync with the moral arc of the universe … or the side that stands for freedom, tolerance and real progress?

Time will tell.

This reporter's hope is that Turkey's army takes all necessary measures to safeguard the secular system--before it's too late.

Are the men in uniform … that is to say, the officers who have not been purged and arrested by the Obama-backed regime … are they … soldiers of Kemal … or soldiers of organized Islam and its clerical fascist creed, called Islamism?

Time will tell.

ENDNOTE 1: Sweeping away Turkey's clerical fascist filth would set the stage for revolution--not reform--in Iran. Sadly, the Obama administration and its European allies and Saudi Arabia, an extended, dysfunctional, family business that poses as a legitimate country and has no civil or human rights, have shown no interest in an Iranian revolution--i.e. replacing the Islamist regime with a secular government, meaning a republic or a constitutional monarchy. The administration and the Saudi tyranny merely seek reform in Iran--meaning, mullahs with whom they can do business.

ENDNOTE 2: Turkey, not Syria, is the battleground that matters most,  the place where there suddenly is a clear choice between the forces of good and evil, freedom and fascism. Non-Arab Turkey, like non-Arab Iran, can still be liberated. The Islamists in both countries can be defeated; the Islamist systems, smashed. In contrast, Syria's only hope is political neutralization and division--into coexisting, demilitarized cantons, along essentially ethnic/religious lines--pursuant to a U.S.-Russian agreement that would send Iran and its Lebanese Islamist proxy, Hezbollah, packing, and arrangements for longterm international peacekeepers and supervision. Syria didn't--still does not--have to follow the Libyan script. There is an alternative.

Secular Turks Rise Up Against US/NATO-Backed Islamist Regime

Obama-Backed Clerical Fascists Defiant, Determined to Crush Uprising

Riots Grew Out of Park Demonstration Against Islamic Oppression 

PARTNERS: Turkey's Islamist, Israel-bashing PM Recep Erdo─čan and President Obama. 

A Turkish Spring! Will the army … traditional guardian of the secular system ... end the Islamist Nightmare? Will Washington support secular Turks or their clerical fascist rulers?  Will Left/Liberal Idiots of appeasement and engagement (collaboration) stand with truly progressive people who are mad as hell and can't take it any longer or with the reactionary filth that constitutes the greatest threat to civilized humanity since the rise of Nazi Germany? Will the moron McCain, fresh from posing with Syrian Islamist scum, speak out for secular Turks?

Time will tell which side the so-called democracy promoters are on, where they stand. Now is the time for the United States to change course, to make up for decades of covert support for rightwing political Islam and overlapping, organized Islamic extremism and fundamentalism. The historic contribution to this perfidious past by Obama, the one Muslim Worlder, has been to overtly align the United States with Islamism/Islamic supremacism. Rebuffed by Shiite Islamist Iran, with which he immediately attempted to engage after taking office, Obama turned to Turkey's Sunni Islamist leaders … and to Egypt's Sunni Islamist Muslim Brotherhood … to counter Iran and remake the Middle East.

The policy backfired in Egypt, Libya, Syria. What's happening in Turkey is therefore incredibly important--a moment of truth for the U.S. and its Western allies.

Read more.

Related: Obama Surrenders (as McCain Collaborates) 

Also Related: US-Supported Muslim Brotherhood Cleric Who Recently Called for "Jihad to Death" Against Israel Now Calls for Jihad in Syria 

These posts are an excellent start to realizing how massive the intent is from the fascist, liberal, Goebbels like media here in the United States to willfully ignore what is happening in Turkey, on orders from the Obama regime? Just like the Nazi's ordered the media in Germany to avoid at all costs, and under the threat of death to members of the media and their respective families to NOT REPORT the disaster and pending annihilation of the German 6th army in the failed attempt to take Russia and Stalingrad. The fawning adoration of the statist controlled media for the traitor Obama is disgusting, just like it was for Hitler. One thing Hitler had (and this is NOT to taken as a defense of Hitler in any way shape or form) was that he was a 'real' person. Obama is not. Obama is totally false man with a totally manufactured history, education, his entire existence is a mass of lies, deceits, and false papers. The proof is here and it exists for all to educate themselves on. The majority of the sheeple could care less or are constantly distracted from seeking the truth by the distractions the regime constantly is throwing out. A squirrel here, a butterfly there, or all guns are evil,  and so are any of the people who legally, skillfully own, secure and enjoy them. PatriotUSA

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