Do you recognize a false flag when you see one???

False Flag - defined as a distraction.  Keep the idiots (that's you and me) going in circles.

Two new ones this week and my outrage lasted about fifteen seconds each time as I and a whole lot of others become more jaded/suspicious/outraged and vocal of everything the Hussein Obama administration does in their all out effort to keep us away from some other action they have taken - until it is too late.

Think about this folks.  Lots and lots and lots of scandals that just manage to leak out.  The more the merrier to divide attention.  IRS auditing 50% of America still a good "crisis" for them.  They've got lots of theater going on, all kinds of committees making for all kinds of good soundbites but I've yet to see a single head roll, have you?  Promotions yeah.  Heads, no.  SHOW ME THE HEADS!  Maybe Holder's spying isn't dissolving into thin air as they hoped but the f***er is still sitting pretty.  "O" is not scared in the least.

Tuesday a new FF which is just beginning to build momentum.   It's importance is that it pulls every heart-string of every red-blooded American angered over Benghazi.  Al Qaeda weapons expert: U.S. ambassador to Libya killed by lethal injection - And I read it and think about AQ experts.  Really?  We give AQ the status of experts and trust a single word said? 

Yesterday we get the old but new Verizon shit false flag.  I call that one a false flag only because it is NOT new information but recycled.  It's ability to distract has value (as noted by every website in the land reported on it) but it is no threat to gov - it is way too far along to be dismantled - they will just keep on keepin on.  You can bet under the rock we will find every other telecommunication entity there is has been similarly tapped.  More distraction.  It is no small thing to be sure - the extent to which it has progressed is just breath taking, but will there be enough outrage from the American public to stop this regime?  Why would it?  Nothing else has and that is exactly what they are counting on and why they saw to it that it was brought to the public's attention.

Oh yeah, and just since I wrote this post at my site - credit card transactions - NSA gets those too.

So what is it Hussein Obama et al do not want us taking notice of hoping to keep hidden as long possible?  Maybe troops to Syria?  World War III.  Pentagon Blackout: “Large American Military Force” Deployed to Syrian Border

Think about it Amerika.

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