The edge of the earth.

Oh please, please, pleeease allow me without criticism (or do - I don't care) to politicize Mother Nature!

Notice the ghoulish fingers scraping and clawing to break down the last barrier to liberty.

THIS is how I see our beautiful country today.  Moments, just hair splitting moments away from going over the edge into . . . tyranny and ...


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PatriotUSA said...

I am here for just a few minutes and Andrea, you can do as you please here. NO one better be dumb enough to attack you or I swear, we will mob them. Not that you need much help as you can handle just about anyone but you can politicize mother nature. PLEASE do so.

Nick's post states it as is for the world right now.

AJ is pushing me slippers towards me. Means that time is just about up for tonight. Trying to be good and damn how I hate it so.