Official PatriotUSA update-the MRI from hell

Just a quick update for you all.

I had an MRI today that was the most unpleasant one I have ever experienced. I am claustrophobic from surviving a mine cave in in when I was 22 and in college. I have to get IV sedation to get near an MRI unit. I have fallen five times (last one was about 45 minutes ago and makes two this week) in the last month and my surgeon is extremely concerned as I should not be having the left leg/foot symptoms after this last spinal fusion and I should not be falling.My left leg/foot stuff is not ant better than before this last surgery. I think the permanent nerve damage is much worse than they think. AJ actually kept me from falling down our stairs a few days ago. He broke my fall with his body last weekend, literally blocked the top of the stairs. I am sure AJ is one of my guardian angels. He is a wonder dog. I never trained him to do anything like break my falls. AJ just knows me and in many ways, is my service dog. So blessed to have him in my life.

They gave me the maximum amount of sedation today and it was not enough. It started wearing off half way through the procedure and I almost went over the edge. If it was not for a very fine and competent nurse who had done MRI's with me before, who immediately yarded me out of the MRI unit and gorked me with more drugs, and then talked me through the rest of procedure, I might be in the behavioral health unit tonight. He would not let me leave the hospital for four hours until he was sure I was 'all right.' I am quite bruised up from thrashing about in the MRI tunnel and to top the day off, I fell just a while ago damn it to hell.

The nurse called my surgeon and I am under strict orders to do nothing, I mean nothing for a few days. I have now graduated from IV sedation MRI to now having to get general anesthetic for any future MRI's, probably a smart move. The older I get the worse my claustrophobia becomes. So I HAVE TO BE scarce for a while and the surgeon already called me tonight to check up on me. Very down about all of this and it is just tough sledding here at schloss Homer right now. I am off to be a good, compliant patient and may have to be off the computer for quite some time, again.

Thanks for understanding! PatriotUSA

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Anonymous said...

You just hang in there-- At least you have a good handle on it with the drugs. I know what its like to be paranoid about something. Ive had about two years of a downslide of energy and spirit and finally got some treatment that is promised to work. We bought a new car and i've never driven it yet- Thank God for my wife and a few good friends that keep in touch and help out. You seem to have many more- so just hang in and say a few prayers daily-- It works. BK

Nick said...

I'm really sorry to hear that Patriot, I sent you an email last night and there is a little package on its way to you from Scotland too, including a cd that I just had to share with you. My mother actually asked me if I'd ever heard of this guy called Dave Roever one day this week when I was giving her a lift into Aberdeen, this was the day I saw the Mustang, I hadn't heard of the guy before but got online & bought a recording of one of his talks, burnt it to disc and listened to it in the car and as I listened to this amazing guy, I couldn't help thinking of my old pal Patriot from the States, it was as if my mother had seen this guy on tv so that she could tell me about him so I could listen to that recording and send it to you in Oregon. You'll know what I mean when it arrives.

Findalis said...

Like always, you and AJ are in my prayers. G-d heals all who ask. So ask. Heck DEMAND!

Take it easy and give that dog a good treat. He deserves it!

Zenster said...

Patriot, do whatever it takes to get as well as you can. We'll leave a light on for you and send every best thought your way. Don't worry about us and stay focused on your own recovery. Nothing else matters much right now.

Andrea said...

Em em em - and I sent you a "guardian angel" request by mail on Thursday - you are going to HAVE TO take care of yourself friend - no little ten mile hikes (I know damn good and well you were doing that without doc's knowledge) until you heal and get clearance! I remember not so long ago when your family took all your chopping tools away and hid them - it looks as if it is time for your boots to "disappear" for a while. A.J. - you got that?????

PatriotUSA said...

Time is almost up for tonight and who wears boots when they hike or walk, snort. I cannot afford a GOOD pair of boots and I refuse to buy ones that are NOT made here, period. Yes, the doc knows about my long walks but I told her FOUR miles, OK so I lied. Back to the boots, if I stumble across a pair at Salvation army or St. Vinnie's, I will snag them. I am always looking for an old pair of black wing tips, size 10 in extra wide, of course only US made and I have a fine brown pair of wing tips, Stacey Adams US union made. NO idea how old they are but I have had them for 8 years and paid $10.00 at goodwill. They are still almost like new.

NO worries about any long walks for awhile. The surgeon is calling once a day and it is really a good thing AJ cannot talk human. It took all day today for the drugs to clear out of my system.

I am gone for today and am going to finish watching Von Ryan's express. Great movie. How can anyone not like Frank Sinatra?

Nick said...

Maybe if you need to slide into an MRI machine in future you could adopt the British approach under the NHS: the patient is blindfolded & speakers built into the MRI machine play the Allman Brothers live at Costa Mesa in 1991, and while they're doing the scan, a nice fit young student nursie puts on a pair of lubricated latex gloves and gives you a very relaxing prostate massage - takes your mind right off it, that does!

Bill Smith said...

Dang it all -- what can I say -- wish you were not going through this and the pain. But wishes don't help. Praying for wisdom of the doctors and mercy for you. Glad you have "wonder dog" - AJ by your side to help you.

Bill Smith said...

Dang it all -- what can I say -- wish you were not going through this and the pain. But wishes don't help. Praying for wisdom of the doctors and mercy for you. Glad you have "wonder dog" - AJ by your side to help you.