When Hillary Clinton died...

When Hillary Clinton died (brought on by massive doses of "couldn't give a shit" running thru her veins if it didn't further her need for power) the world said - what difference did she make?

Hillary crystallized for me what I said in an earlier post - that American's can no longer claim a "we the people" status.  The Benghazi hearings and the lack of give a shit by the average American, as seen by the lack of any outpouring of outrage when truth was brought to light, foretells our future as a conquered nation by those who plan to enslave us.

From Daniel GreenfieldWith Blood on Their Hands - "What is a traitor?" Lady Macduff's son asks his mother, before being murdered by Macbeth's assassins. "Why, one that swears and lies," his mother replies. "Who must hang them?" her son asks. "Why, the honest men," she answers.

The American public continues to rely on some "other" faction of government to find justice where it need be found.  What "we" are not getting is - the United States Constitution reads - "We The People" - NOT - We The Government!

Sadly missing today in America are the hanging tree - and "the honest men." 


Judge Jeanine Pirro - I grew up in small town America.  As a kid I worked in a dairy.  My father and grandfather both fought in WWII.  There were a lot of constants in my life, things I could rely on; church on Sunday, the Pledge of Allegiance at school.  The love and support of Mom and Dad, and the fact that I lived in the greatest country in the world, where every day, dreams come true.
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Yes, Wednesday was a sad day for me personally, for the families of those killed, and for any American who believes as I do that America is the citadel of honor and freedom
This past week, the dreams that I had as a little girl, in that small town, were shattered.

graphic used above via -  American Digest

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PatriotUSA said...

Funny you should mention the hanging tree.

I have a post working in my head about a most notable character and legend, Judge Issac Parker. He just happens to be one of my favorites from the the days of the Wild West.

We need a few hanging judges and executioners who looked upon their jobs as a necessary component of society and plied their craft with skill and precision down to the rope that they used. Nothing was left to chance or liberal progressive policies and voters.