Official PatriotUSA Update-Slowly healing

My apologies for not getting this update done sooner but all I will say is life is very rough right now here at Schloss Homer. Some of you will know what I mean and I will not divulge further details.

I have included a rare picture of me and of course AJ, the wonder dog. All that is missing is my ceegar and bottle of whiskey. I really have never liked to have my picture taken and now you can see why.  

PatriotUSA hard at work, AJ trolling for a snack

I am now past eight weeks since spinal fusion surgery and the recovery has been very slow. I was told a couple of weeks ago to not even 'think' about returning to work for another eight weeks, maybe longer. This is of course, depending on whether I have a job to go back to. First the incisions got infected, then they did not stop bleeding for almost the first month. This finally stopped and was due to me being on the table for five hours and the nasty but necessary work the surgeon did to remove as much of the old hardware as possible. She had to leave some of it in place. She and her surgical team used 'specially customized' Craftsman tools to get some of the old hardware out. The surgeon showed me the set of tools right before they knocked me out. I wish I could recall what the set was but no such luck.

I was finally able to start pool therapy which has been wonderful but it is a very slow process. A few hours after therapy, I have increased swelling and the pain has never really gone away. From the surgery itself yes but the damage to the nerves not so much. Still have pain, numbness, tingling almost all the time in my left leg, down into the left foot and toes. The surgery was supposed to have relieved much of this but so far, not much at all. I never went into this with any promise of great pain relief. If get some or a lot or not much, just the way it goes and stability was one of the main reasons for undergoing this procedure. The GOOD news is that I have better stability and do not feel like I am going to fall all the time. The pain and nerve stuff MAY or MAY NOT get better over time and I was told 12-18 months may be the time frame for all of this. I do not know if this is fusing yet or not. If this does not fuse, then I HAVE TO go for another fusion from the front and back but not thinking about this too much. A most nasty procedure.

AJ is the beneficiary of a lot of walks. We went six miles yesterday, a very slow six miles but this is a great improvement and it is because I am more stable, not mentality of course. I am out of the back brace I had to wear for the first six weeks but still must wear when I walk any distances. I can only do so much on the computer, read so many books, and I am literally going whackadoo from being good and behaving. No yard work  no bending over, no heavy lifting, etc. I am concentrating on getting a website up and running for my fan restoration, sales and service mini-business to maybe be able to work from home down the road. I am very blessed to have a very good friend offer to help me with the website as I am from the days of gear, pulleys, chains, belts and am NOT tech savvy at all.

I will just close this out by thanking all who have prayed for me or sent in some SOS donations to help us through this extremely rough stretch. For the first time in my entire life I, we are at risk of missing a house payment and more. I am trusting in the Lord to watch over us and protect us. Not much else I can do right now except ride this storm out.
Thanks again to all. PatriotUSA

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Findalis said...

Glad to hear and see you mending nicely. And pray that all your troubles will soon be little ones.

Somehow I have always pictured you with a full head of hair. But I guess AJ compensates for that. And they do say that men lose their hair on the parts of their body that they use the most. (So I guess you are pretty much bald in other places too.)

I will continue to pray for you and trust in the Lord. For He can move mountains.

Andrea said...

Your making it Patriot. You will make it. We will keep the white lights burning though from the look of A.J. I suspect he is doing enough for the lot of us. I love that picture.

PatriotUSA said...

The picture is that of PURE LOVE, dedication, loyalty and holding no grudges. Never have I been so connected to a dog and vice versa.

AJ was trolling for a bite of Fotina cheese, mexican flatbread, and fruit. He did of course, score.

Only reason the booze and ceegars were not out was this taken at about 8:30 AM. Even though it is always happy hour someplace in the world, I do have my rules.

PatriotUSA said...

It has SOOOOO long since I had a full head of hair, I think Grant was POTUS. There was a time my hair was almost down to middle of my back. I was NOT a stinkin' hippie. I was long haired redneck.
Just the hair is gone.....

I will take this entire thing as a compliment and you maybe just as depraved as I am. Not that is ANYTHING wrong with being depraved. I know it well.

Nick said...

AJ is the beneficiary of a lot of walks. We went six miles yesterday, a very slow six miles but this is a great improvement and it is because I am more stable, not mentality of course.

Of course!

Best wishes my friend.

PatriotUSA said...

Thanks Nick, I always can count on YOU!