London: There Are No Words

Gary Fouse

I am still trying to put into words the rage I feel about what happened in London today. I can only imagine what Britons are feeling. They have already suffered the horrific attack on July  7, 2005. They have suffered the humiliation of watching Muslim thugs literally take over their streets, proclaim sharia zones, promise the day when all of Briton will be under sharia law, insult returning troops in Luton as they marched down the street, chase retreating cops down the street, and on and on.

Now this unspeakable atrocity. And once again, as a British soldier is butchered just yards from his base by two animals, we hear the inevitable cry of Allahu Akhbar.

Here in America, we are still trying to come to grips with the Boston attack and the death of four Americans at the hands of two Chechen Muslims. Of course, in 2001, we suffered the worst terror attack in history. Ironically, today, we also see that the FBI had to shoot and kill a Chechen suspect and friend of Tamarlan Tsarnaev who they were questioning about a triple homicide in the Boston area last September 11. Good.

I note that the Islamic Council or whatever it is in Britain has condemned the attack and insisted-yet again- that this has nothing to do with Islam. Violence is forbidden in Islam, you see. Of course it is. Islam is a peaceful religion. Never mind all those passages in the Koran or in the hadith. It all depends on the translations, you see.

The facts, which we read about everyday in the newspapers, would suggest otherwise. As we speak, the Arab world is in flames. In virtually every Muslim-majority country you can name, religious minorities are being persecuted and deprived of their human rights. But Islam, so they tell us, is a religion of tolerance. In Europe, Muslim street criminals are harassing Jews -at least when they are not burning cars as they are doing in Stockholm as we speak. Europe is disappearing before our very eyes. In another generation, Europeans will be the persecuted minorities in their own countries unless they act now and act decisively.

Understandably, there is anger in Britain tonight. The specter of more violence cannot be ignored. The English Defence League is out in force.

One thing is clear; the West has to wake up and realize that our future is under direct threat from fanatical Islamists who seek to impose their will on the rest of us-in our own countries. We have every right to ask our governments why they have pursued policies of importing millions of people from these hell holes who follow this violent and hateful ideology. It is time for every country that wishes to remain a country to halt this immigration from Islamic countries. Discrimination? Hell yes! Nobody has any "right" to be in any other country but his own.

I have always been careful to separate innocent Muslims from the jihadists. I have always cautioned against Americans taking out their anger against innocent people. I maintain that stance. But where are the decent Muslims? I am not talking about the ones who condemn the acts and insist that this does not represent Islam because I don't believe that. No doubt we will hear the same empty arguments coming from CAIR in the coming days-if they care to comment at all. The problem is that the decent Muslims have made themselves irrelevant to the discussion by their silence. They are either afraid to speak out or they know they cannot win the debate with the jihadists when it comes to the theological arguments. Just like Zuhdi Jasser, whom I admire; he has righteousness on his side. The jihadists-including the two savages in London today- have the texts. No, what I want to see from innocent Muslims is some self reflection and acknowledgment that something is dreadfully wrong-and needs to be changed. I want to hear them proclaiming to each other publicly, "Is this our religion?" If history ever needed a second Reformation, it is now. The problem is how do you accomplish a true Reformation without turning away from the holy book itself as well as the Prophet. The Koran is considered the word of God to Mohammed. Are they to now say that all those hateful statements about Jews and Christians are to be excised? Can they actually criticize Mohammed for some of the things he did in life? Remember that Martin Luther never rejected Jesus Christ, nor did he reject the Bible. He was rejecting a corrupt Vatican that was ruling Christianity. It seems to me that if modern-day Christianity were engaged in all this violence, it would be losing believers by the millions. Under Islam, however, the punishment for leaving the religion is death. What does that tell you?

The ideology (Islam is a political ideology aside from being a religion) that spawned 9-11, 7-7-05, and today's atrocity in London has no place in a free, civilized, pluralistic, and tolerant society where the rights of all are supposed to be protected. Are we supposed to simply shrug our shoulders because there are too many of them here to send back home (Many are naturalized citizens or born here) and accept the fact that this will be the new fact of life in our societies? Just like traditional street crimes and drugs, are we going to have to suffer bombings and beheadings as part of our daily existence? When will we experience the next Boston? When will Britain experience the next carnage it witnessed today? When will France experience another Toulouse? When will the next Theo van Gogh be butchered in Holland?

How we and the rest of the civilized world handle this is going to be a tricky business unless we want to stop being free nations under the rule of law. We can start by announcing to the Islamic world that immigration is over until this madness stops. How the Islamic rulers handle the problem in their countries is, at this point, no concern of mine. We can also start going after these subversive Islamic organizations in the US that masquerade as "moderate", but advance the jihadist cause. In addition, there are way too many mosques right here in the US where the very brand of hate that spawned today's murder is being preached and driven into the heads of young Muslims.

Let's be honest. The man on the street in Europe has nothing but contempt for the Muslim immigrants as a whole. I would also venture a guess that attitudes are not that much different here in the US though we have not experienced Islamic street crime here as in Europe because our Muslim immigrants came here largely educated as opposed to those in Europe. Make no mistake, however; the explosion in Europe is coming. It may start on European streets or world events will start it all (e.g. Iran). We are, whether we want to admit it or not, involved in a class of civilizations just as serious as what was brewing in the 1930s. We here in the US and Canada will not be able to avoid being sucked in.

We should consider what happened today in the UK as a warning. Just as we should have considered 9-11 and Boston as warnings. I don't know about you, but I have seen enough.

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Nick said...

Thanks Gary, if only we could have someone like your good self on the news this am (it's 7am in the UK) instead of the ridiculous "experts" that are polluting our airwaves.

The latest guy on Sky News said that because they were black they would have suffered discrimination and yet provided no evidence whatsoever for this. He did acknowledge that one of the perpetrators had converted to Islam, but ended up dismissing the Islamic connection by saying the guy who spoke on camera was "a confused young man".


PatriotUSA said...

I feel deeply for Britainistan BUT massive Muslim immigration for labor planted the seeds for this many years past.

A disarmed citizenry in any country are at the mercy of such cold blooded killers.


My views are slowly changing away from separating peaceful Muslim form the radically violent ones. If they do not speak up, the may be killed in the whirlwind that is approaching.

We can wonder all we want where are the moderate or peace loving Muslims? Most fear for their families and themselves so they say NOTHING.

Once the war against Islam, Muslims tips over in Europistan, there will be no escape for the USA.

Attacks like this can and will happen here, they already have just not so brazen. 20 minutes for ARMED LEO to show up. That is disgusting and this is what happens again, when you disarm the citizens of a country, nation, republic.

I would have shot them both and suffered the consequences of trying to save another person's life.

Nick said...

If I'd happened to have been driving along that road in my XTrail at the time, there wouldn't have been no 20 minute wait for armed bobbies to arrive, I can tell you that. Remember the public's reaction when those jihadis tried to blow up Glasgow Airport? Straight in about.

I'd have mown the SOBs down and then done a Ritchie Aprille to make sure they didn't get back up again.

Andrea said...

"The problem is that the decent Muslims have made themselves irrelevant to the discussion by their silence."

And their silence brought about by intimidation.

And right here in River City that very thing happening as the POS POTUS and his thugs try to silence first the patriots, simultaneously the whistle blowers, now the media.

Interesting that. Intimidation used by aforementioned POS and islamists alike.

And we are supposed to believe the Boston narrative we've been sold?