Latest addition to the lexicon of politically incorrect words – “yes” and “no.”

There has to be a recently/urgently revised memo somewhere within the IRS that says never answer a question with a straight forward “yes” or “no.”  Watch these videos and tell me if you see it any other way.

And once again – saying it exactly as I so often feel – Via The Anti-Idiotarian RottweilerTone deaf arroganceI’ve been displeased with my government in the past  – but this goes to levels I never thought possible. Disgust. Utterly and completely disgusted with the whole lot of them. …..  Tree – Rope- IRS Employee…..some assembly required. ….. Burn the whole thing – right to the fucking ground…..

h/t NC Renegade“118 times you were at the White House, 132 members of congress contact you about this information, 42 major news stories about this, very, subject, and you told congress a year ago ‘I can give you assurances,’ nothing is going on, everything’s wonderful, we’re not targeting conservative groups.” … “You sure you didn’t talk to anyone at the White House about this issue Mr. Shulman?” 


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