We Will All "Be In The Suck" When The SHTF!

The S**T IS GOING TO HIT THE FAN and whatever money we have in the bank will either be stolen from us, or, it will go to not being worth diddly squat in about a nano-second.  Ask the people of Cyprus!

While I appreciate the constant ads on the radio to buy gold and silver - I don't have that kind of money and I've yet to figure out how one would pay for something in gold bars anyway.

So where does that leave us?  Stock up on food, water, essentials.  Ammo, booze and cigs.  Yeah, booze, cigs, ammo - you can barter anything for those three items!

In the meantime let's talk about what money you might have in the bank right now which you so diligently stashed away for a rainy day.  Repeating myself, when the SHTF it will be worthless in my/your pocket.  So I have a suggestion.  Find someone, someone's, in need and donate.

This is in some ways self-preservation.  Helping someone survive now may mean that person helps someone else survive later, who helps someone else, who helps another, and who the hell knows, it might be you or me.  Like paying it forward, you won't know how far your good deed goes but believing in and trusting in the good of others has it's rewards.  That may be all we are left with very soon, but I'd rather die with it than without.

When times get desperate and someone helps someone else, it may be because we helped them NOW when our dollars do have some value.  We are going to need every good boot on the ground ready to go mentally and physically but if they are having to worry about just putting food on the table and taking care of their families they won't be able to help others!

Two people I'm going to suggest donations for because while they are strangers to me, I trust the source who made the donation request on their behalf, and I know they will have our backs if at all possible when the time comes.

From Patriot's Corner - Can You Help - excerpt -> If you are able to, please help a fellow conservative blogger out.
It has recently come to my attention that a very faithful reader and conservative blogging friend Findalis, has just had a run in with Pneumonia and very high blood pressure. Findalis was in the hospital for five days as has no health insurance. She is a veteran from the non service side so she is one who falls through the cracks on the insurance side of things.

From The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler - A Brother In Need - excerpt -> His Imperial Majesty is sad to announce that our brother Jackboot has joined the ranks of those who has been hit by the wonders of living in this Golden Age of Obamatopia too, as in “having his financial rug pulled out from under him.”

We need the Findalis' and the Jackboot's in the game NOW!  And will need them in the future!  Think about those dollars under the mattress.  When it all goes to hell they aren't going to buy a loaf of bread off the empty shelves we will be seeing.  Do what you can, please.

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PatriotUSA said...

Thanks for the excellent post Andrea.
You know me well enough that when I solicit assistance for someone that it is a true, urgent need.

We need Findalis and we need Jackboot and this is what it comes down to; having each others backs.

Thanks again and yes, tobacco, rounds and booze are all great items to stock up on.

I always am trying to get more of all but the booze seems to be a tough one to keep the inventory ahead in. Damn AJ is such a booze hound and he likes the spendy, fine whiskey and ceegars.

Andrea said...

Me thinks AJ was taught well. By someone.......