CSCOPE Teaching Controversy in Texas Grows

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Radical Islam

That controversy in Texas over the CSCOPE teaching agenda in Texas schools continues to grow. Now it appears that school kids in the Lone Star State are being taught that 9-11 was our fault.


The above looks like one of my multiple choice questions in, "Let's Play what the Hell happened today in Iraq/Afghanistan, Pakistan?"

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Anonymous said...

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PatriotUSA said...

Not very good at hiding you a mussie, are you?

There is NOTHING positive within Islam, absolutely nothing. A win win would to permanently BAN any and all Muslim immigration and all immigration for the next 25 years.

Islam has given the world 270 million PLUS deaths at the hands of Muslims over the last 1400 plus years.

Sharia law is a vile system of subjugation, persecution and death.

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Nice try troll and go back to your camel ass licking, camel urine drinking ways.

The world needs to eradicate Islam and free you brainwashed Muslims from it. Of course that would require you to have a fully functioning brain and from your sad comment, your are sorely lacking in that department.

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