Sleep Well America - While You Can

"Anyone still unsure as to who the enemy is... probably sleeps well at night ... for now."  A quote from a friend (not American but well versed in the goings on in this country) upon looking at some of the material I have used in this post.

For several days I have been researching the military style armored vehicles that seem to be creeping into cities small and large around America.  In particular I wondered where the money was coming from, and I suspect you are as curious as I am about the distribution of  Obama's DHS Purchase of 2,717 Light-Armored Tanks for Warfare on Streets of America - h/t PumaBydesign001

Continuing the gathering of information for the project this morning I ran across an article just published yesterday and because of it's thoroughness of the subject have aborted the majority of what I have already gathered for the time being.

This is an absolute must read.  After the article I am going to add some of the photos I have been collecting (I will go back to them later) with no links because the End The Lie piece must be the emphasis here.  The excerpts I have also unlinked because I really want to direct you to the website and article itself -  

By Madison Ruppert - Editor of End The Lie - Last month I reported on how Georgia law enforcement agencies have acquired a massive arsenal of military-grade vehicles and weapons through the Department of Defense. Unfortunately, it’s far from isolated.

Many law enforcement agencies acquire military equipment through the Pentagon’s 1033 program. Police have also acquired military robots through the DoD but they have other ways to get their hands on armored surveillance vehicles and armored personnel carriers as well.

Indeed, the Department of Homeland Security gave the city of Keene, New Hampshire, with a population of less than 25,000, $285,933 to buy an armored counter-attack vehicle called a BearCat, according to Radley Balko.  Continue ---> Cities continue to get 'tanks' they don't need in nationwide police militarization trend
And a question many of us have from another piece written by Madison Ruppert earlier -
“What are we headed to?” Asked Candace Garrett Daly, a Cobb County resident. “Whatever it is seems to be already in motion at a breakneck speed. The police are preparing for an enemy. My question is, ‘Who is the enemy?"



Photo: SWAT officers ride on a BearCat, the same armored assault vehicle Oceanside will purchase for any potential terrorist attacks. Credit: John W. Adkisson / Los Angeles Times


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