DHS Debacle: Thousands of Illegal Aliens Released

Gary Fouse
Janet Napolitano
2010 Fousesquawk
Jerk of the Year

The news out of Homeland Security gets worse. It wasn't just a few hundred illegal aliens who were relased onto the streets by Janet Napolitano's ICE. It was 2,000 with another 3,000 slated for release. And poor old Napolitano says she knew nothing about it. And the reason? The prospect of budget cuts in the wake of the coming sequester.


Words cannot describe how feckless and incompetent this woman is. And she could not be in a worse position. This is who is responsible for our security. It just boggles the imagination. One could call for her resignation, but that won't happen. Obama has her back. It was probably the White House who told her to do it.

Oh, I forgot. She didn't know anything about it. That means Obama should fire her for gross incompetence.

But he won't.

Because this is what the Obama administration is doing by design. They are dismantling this nation brick by brick. How else do you explain this action? How else do you explain Operation Fast and Furious? How else do you explain Benghazi? How else do you explain Obamacare? How else do you explain the appointments of boobs like John Brennan and Chuck Hagel to such sensitive positions? How else do you explain our unwavering support of the Muslim Brotherhood as they install an Islamic government in Egypt while persecuting its Christian minority?

In the height of the Cold War, the Comintern could not have planned the destruction of the US as ingenuously as what we are seeing happen before our very eyes.

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