Blinded By Hussein Obama We Missed Something Critical

How many times have we said, “Obama and the Democrats think we are stupid!”  I am here to suggest to you that we were only partially right The Republicans in Washington equally think we are stupid - and they have played us like a fiddle.

Name one win for America (as would be defined by conservative principles, moral standards) that you have seen in four plus years.

You flat out can’t.  The 2012 elections, the fiscal cliff, replacing Boehner, saying no to debt ceiling increases. Any curtailment of spending, any enactment of cut backs.  Fast and Furious.  Benghazi.  On and on.  You can't.

The one debate between BHO and Romney was probably a set up.  Throw the poor dogs a bone and keep them out of the house!  We swallowed it hook, line and sinker.  Still, with each opportunity to get something done we felt - this one will be America's win!  But the appointment of Chuck Hagel with the assistance of Republicans, and so-called conservatives (hello Rand Paul) has made it crystal clear.  We, the gun clinging, bible thumping, conservative American's, are on our own.

It was within the aftermath analysis of “the” election that we first heard - “2014 is just around the corner.”  Think about that for a minute folks.   I am willing to bet that the majority of conservatives reacted the same way.  We were shell shocked.  We went quiet trying to grasp what had just happened.  In defeat conservatives will stop, look deep, assess and start again.  It is NOT our way to go all instantaneously Polly Anna looking for a bright side.  But - the so-called conservative talking heads were ready with the next golden carrot to be dangled as supplied by the cold, calculating, manipulative, treasonous bastards we call our representatives.

The unknown Marine from yesterday's post - here - said - "You will never again outvote these people. It will take individual acts of defiance and massive displays of civil disobedience to get back the rights we have allowed them to take away."

You can forget any hope that our government representatives, House or Senate, will stand up for this country.  Caving on every issue, after much gnashing of teeth, has been the plan all along.

Looking at the next two issues America is going to get screwed on - at some point today HO has a 30 minute meeting with top dogs from each party and we can count on a compromise being made on the sequester.  And, very shortly now there will be people (gun) control laws that will be passed (with plenty of theatre in-between of course) but an already determined outcome in place.

In so many of my posts I have shouted – “Wake Up America!”  Wrong.  So wrong.  I should have been shouting – WAKE UP YOU GUN CLINGIN, BIBLE THUMPIN AMERICANS!
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One of my sisters says over and over again – good article but where are the solutions.  I wish to propose a direction for consideration.

From The Anti-Idiotarian RottweilerGOP?  What GOP? – a comment by LC Gladiator -

Do you get on the phone and call your Senators?

Do you do anything CONSTRUCTIVE except COMMENT ONLINE?

I was on the phone all day yesterday, talking to my Senators, along with other states’ Senators, AND the White House about this Administration releasing all those prisoners because of the Sequester coming. I was so angry (but very civil and polite) and had my facts in front of me and the reasons for why WHAT THIS ADMINISTRATION DID TO RELEASE THESE CRIMINALS TO ARIZONA, WAS SIMPLY IMMORAL AND WRONG AND AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE FOR THE PRESIDENT!

A MAJOR Conservative movement needs to be started, to counteract these liberals. When it grows large enough, the liberal left WILL STOP THEIR IDIOCY.

This has been my position for a long time.  I thought we were not doing enough.  That we had to call, write, e-mail, tweet these SOB’s en masse so that they GET where we are coming from and change their frickin ways.  The truth of the matter is, they just ignore us, or send form letters.  We have to find a better way because what we are doing is making no difference.
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Our government is gearing up for us with a financial meltdown.  They are purchasing weapons, ammunition.  They inundate us with propaganda.  They WILL pass laws.  But they are not ready yet or they would have already done something about us.   We must preëmpt their strike.  NOW is the time to go into that good night with quiet but determined rage.  En masse.  My suggestions - I'm looking for more:
  • We must withdraw every penny of support from anyone but the most tried and true conservatives.
  • We must create a vacuüm of menacing silence so obvious in the halls of Washington that there is no way the quiet can be misunderstood.
  • We must clean grocery stores of enough product that they get the message – two can play this game.
  • We need to turn out in huge numbers at rally’s, but again, in total quiet.
  • We need one message across America - We Are Ready To Do Our Duty!
Only at the point that they finally hear us, by our actions, by our withdrawal, will they “get” that we ARE ready to do our duty in protecting this country if they do not do theirs.  The Communist left started destroying our country with massive non violent civil disobedience, maybe we can bring it back the same way.

The unspoken message must be – Behold The Calm Before The Storm!

Understand the insidious alliance between the two parties that has brought us to the brink of tyranny.  Understand this - from - Freedom Rings 1776  -  Firestorm.....Coming To America Erosion is one of the greatest forces in nature. It can slowly bring down mountains. It can also bring down nations, for as moral values erode, so too does the willingness to share the sacrifices required to keep that nation intact. This erosion factor has been utilized by those who seek the ruin of America.

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Thank you very much for posting my essay above. Here is one that you may like. I just published it this morning and it is already spreading.

Andrea said...

And it is my intention to help spread it Danny. My suggestion (post above) would take huge amounts of coordination. I am in the middle of another post - "We Must Find An Alternative to Civil War" - using this piece as I believe there is more than a kernel of hope that it could happen and might just be that answer/alternative.

PatriotUSA said...

I will do my small part later tonight and thank you, Danny and Andrea.

I will make sure this gets out on several other sites I tread on.