"What difference does it make!".9

This morning over a cup of coffee I was introduced to two phenomena that I hope to see first hand some day.  At this moment (at least) I have the freedom to do so.  And then my mind turned as it does every single day to Hillary Clinton's remark -

WHAT difference does it make Hillary?  It makes a lot of difference to every man, woman and child on this planet!  GOD gives freedom!  Not political hacks/traitors in Washington D.C.!

If you have your way the 30 or so Benghazi survivors will never see a Worm Hole in Russia, real or unreal!  Or hear the first cry of his new born child, or hug a frickin Rainbow Eucalyptus! 

Who gave you that right to write them off  with your cold blooded what difference does it make remark or to dispense of them so that the Benghazi Truth cannot be found?  Who Hillary?  WHO?!?

Rainbow eucalyptus, truly one of the most amazingly beautiful rainbow colored trees on earth

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Anonymous said...

If it makes no difference WHY that mob attacked that building and killed those American citizens, then WHY did she blame a youtube video?

Oh right, it doesn't matter WHY she did that either ...

I see how it all works now.

We're dealing with sociopathic personalities.

Findalis said...

WHAT difference does it make Hillary?

A great difference to 4 families who will never see their sons again.

Andrea said...

AND!!! - Where are the other 30???