Update on AJ, some good news...

Yeah, this is MY supper dish and it is EMPTY! What are YOU going to do about it?

Update on AJ and a huge thanks.

AJ is doing much better but is still not quite himself and not sure if he ever will be like he was before he suffered the seizure. This is a very tough thing for any Vet to handle, diagnose and posses many challenges to the best vets out there.

His blood work came back fine except that he is has very low thyroid levels. Our vet wants to get a very specific screening of AJ's thyroid levels so this will be the next step. Much is being done for AJ. Change in his food, eliminating corn and wheat from all sources, as much as we can. Have consulted with another vet who mixes western traditional vet medicine with eastern veterinary medicine, which may be an option. We have enough to cover the next test, get better food, dogs cookies, which now all have to be scrutinized very carefully.

AJ has his own separate account. As AJ does NOT have his own taxpayer ID number, fake identification, stolen or false SS number, is not here illegally, has not applied for SNAP or free health care nor an Obamafone, has not voted for Obama or Romney, was not bussed in to vote for Obama, is not a member of the SEIU, he is linked to me, legally and for all of eternity. He has never asked for anything but our love, our care while giving the purest,  most innocent love, protection and devotion back to us seven times seven.

I will post more as the situation evolves and am praying that AJ will not suffer any more seizures. Thanks for your help, prayers, kind words and thoughts. Helping AJ would not have been possible up to this point, without your LOVE, period! A very humble PatriotUSA

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Nick said...

You're very welcome. I'm pleased to hear AJ is doing a little better, kind of. I know you'll keep an eye on him & do all you can for him. Give him a scratch behind the ear for me!

Andrea said...

That is the brightest spot of news to wake up to Patriot! THANK YOU and bless AJ. Have you ever told us how old/young is he?

Grog said...

That's good to read, hope he keeps improving.

PatriotUSA said...

AJ is six years young.