Well Hells Bells Patriot - Two Can Play That Game

A little cheesecake for the girls.  Hmmmm? 

Have a safe trip friend!


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PatriotUSA said...

So you are paying attention, Andrea!

Back home and home is not what I thought it would be after such a horrendous drive back. A normal three hours drive was almost five hours and that was with me clocking 100 MPH across the Indian reservation after you cross the passes over the Cascades and break out into the high country.

After Zigzag Oregon I passed only two cars and no one passed me.

Maybe a post working here, not sure. Sooo tiiirrreeedd.

Andrea said...

Paying attention - are we all not drawn and quartered about 20 ways?
Well - for me - the Boehner shit is done - not that the House is to be let off the hook by any means but that effort on the part of a whole lot of people went down in flames due to the yellow stripe on the backs of one whole hell of a lot of R's.
Drive home actually sounded like fun! I should get out more often.
Hope you have caught up on rest by now..... catch me up when you can.