Dear Allen West - You're Wrong

It makes me terribly sad to say it, but you are wrong.

Yesterday before the show really got on the road in the House, Allen West said he had reviewed the Senate bill and as it stood he would not support it.  He ended the short post with - The day is coming when principled pragmatic Constitutional Conservatives will be sought after to restore the American Republic, and we will answer the call.

Mr. West - your messages have always been down to earth and I believe honest, but you are wrong here.  Your words are meant as encouragement but they are not based in reality.  You see, we have just spent four years watching our nation being "fundamentally changed."   The job losses and debt increases worsen by the hour and yet, on November 6th, half the population of this country said - we want MORE!

On Sunday the Senate proposed that MORE, and today our own so-called conservative representatives agreed to more job losses and more debt.  This train has wrecked.  Wrecked, past tense.  Now we wait for the pile ups.

The folks with your values are already on board with your vision of America Mr. West, but those who buy Hussein Obama's vision, they will be fed just enough, and for just long enough, that their numbers will not deteriorate until it is too late and even then the brain washing will have been so thorough  we conservatives will still be perceived as the problem and we will see anger, not a call for help.

The conservative message lags four years behind the socialist message.  We are going to have to find the way to make up for a lot of lost time and opportunities, but to dangle the carrot of - just wait - it will happen ..... well, that message may soothe a few wounded souls but it only serves to help us hide from finding answers, today, not tomorrow, not at the last minute, to rebuilding this great nation.

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PatriotUSA said...

Why I have removed myself from liking AW as I did.

He is no different than BONER and the rest of the RINO traitors.

Andrea said...

OH! Jeeze! We need to trade some intuition (because that is about all mine is at this time) thoughts on this sometime!