Updated!! An urgent call for help! AJ needs your help!!

Update on AJ as of January 23rd.

AJ now has received enough donations to cover his first battery of tests!! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO STEPPED UP FOR AJ, who is just the jewel of the dog world, at least to us he is. He has recovered and just seems as he was before the seizure but it is now a new normal for him and us.

The most humbling time and experience of my life.

People have been generous beyond anything we could have expected. AJ has received donations from Scotland, Israel, California, Oregon, Texas, West Virginia, Missouri, Canada, Kentucky, Alabama, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Stunning and I am out of tears. Waiting on PayPal to do their thing with the account and once that is all cleared, AJ will get the tests that he needs. We will be speaking with another vet ( younger brother of an old family friend ) who mixes western and eastern vet medicine, herbology, diet, allergies and maybe our vet if our local vet does not want to listen or seem knowledgeable enough to us. We have no idea where this is going but have changed much since last Saturday but nothing to radical. Have no idea what the triggers may be or was as he was in a very deep sleep when he seized. Will post more news on AJ as it we walk through this. Maybe what we learn can help someone else and their dog(s).

A huge thank you to everyone, no way we could have done without each of you. PatriotUSA and Family!

AJ, our beloved dog, best friend, companion needs your help.

This is NOT about or for anyone else. It is for and about AJ.

This post will remain at the top and yes, this is a call or plea for help from any and all who can help.

Please share this post with any and all that you can!

AJ suffered a major seizure Saturday morning totally out of nowhere. He was in bed with me and went totally rigid. I knew something was seriously wrong straight away and got him to the floor. He ran out to the living room and went completely catatonic. Poor guy lost control of his bladder, bowels and puked. This lasted several minutes and we got him to the vet right away. I had to carry him into the Vet's office and this was not a good thing after getting spinal injections on Friday. Our vet was pretty sure this was Grand Mal seizure and not sure what might be the cause. She fears AJ may have epilepsy or there be some other underlying cause. The initial battery of tests, blood work, very specific panels is estimated at $350.00 plus and this does not account for the ongoing medical care that AJ will need from here on out. Simply put, we do not have the funds necessary for any this. Those of you who know a bit more know about me, what me and my family have bee up against. I will just leave this there and those details are not needed. This is only about AJ, period.

He has since recovered but now it is a race against time and our vet made this very clear, this will most likely not be his last seizure. These can turn deadly if they go into cluster seizures.

Please do what you can to help if at all possible and any amount will be prayerfully, heart fully accepted!

Time is of paramount importance, especially for these first battery of tests. If you want more information, look at these two links about seizures in dogs. There is a lot of hope and these can be managed and controlled.



AJ has been the 'editor; here at PC for the last three years even though he has yet to do a lick of work.

He contributes in many other ways. He is the finest ambassador there could be for dogs. AJ has the sweetest, most gentle disposition of any dog that we have ever owned as a family. He has put himself in harms way more than once and would defend our family, his pack, in a heartbeat. AJ is truly a wonder dog, at least to us he is and a dear member of our family. He and I are connected in ways that I am not able to explain and I am so thankful for his pure and innocent love. This is a dog that seldom holds a grudge and is forever forgiving us. He is extremely sensitive. We as a family have been devastated by this, completely devastated. At a loss for words and you will find a link below to my Paypal account.

If you want to help but do not want to use Paypal, please contact me through the comment section for this post. I will get you our address and your prayers will be most appreciated.

Thank you all for anything you might be able to do.

Click below to donate using Paypal.

This is NOT about politics, left or right. This is about a cal for help. Any call for help transcends and and all political, social, economic barriers and polarizations. I will offer a full accounting for those you who might want to help yet are hesitant. This is NOT a scam in any way shape or form.
 AJ says WOOF and he is part of our hearts. About all I can say for myself and my family. PatriotUSA and family  

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Nick said...

I'm totally strapped till payday, but I had a gold half sovereign I bought years ago hidden behind some of the books on my bookshelf, so I've contacted a firm in the UK that buys gold etc, and if I get that half-sovereign sold to them, I'll pass along something to help out AJ with his vet's bills.

And if anyone is reading this who doesn't know the owner of the blog, I can definitely say that this is a genuine heartfelt appeal to get help for AJ, and if you can find some way to help him out, I know that it would be greatly appreciated.

Andrea said...

I have a post up and PROMISE to do what I can. HUGS!

1389 said...

Reblogged here.

Anonymous said...

do you take money orders? God Bless

Zenster said...

I'm glad to see the web links I sent you were of use but it absolutely slays me that I cannot head up your way right now and be there for you like you were for me during Zen's last days almost a year ago.

AJ and your family will be in my daily thoughts. I can only hope that this was some sort of medical anomaly from which AJ will make a speedy recovery.

PatriotUSA said...


Yes Money Orders are fine.

Email me sidewinder392@gmail.com and i will get you the other information where to send the MO to. I do not want to post me personal information here.

Thank you and thanks to all who have responded is far.

Humbled and honored, just at loss for words..... AJ says WOOF!

steve said...

I'm fixin' to re-post your piece at Cry and Howl. Please accept my meager $15.00 donation.

John said...

I am so sorry to hear about AJ.
I have had puppies before.
I know what friends they can be and how much we worry when they become sick.
I have sent $20 by pay pal - -
It isn't much but it is what I can afford and I am praying for you and for AJ.

In the Love of Jesus Christ,

John Liming
American Liberal Times

Dixie said...

I never have any money but I always have somehow the ability to come up with $25.00 on occasion for a friend in need. I hope it helps a little but I also posted a link to Care Credit, which I use because I have animals too. I also have pet insurance. All it takes is one incident. Keep us informed ok? There are vets in most states who are low cost or no cost depending upon the owners ability to pay. I don't know where you are but you may want to contact your local pet organizations. They can help and have helped me before. One even gave my vet money to help pay my bill for my ill cat.

PatriotUSA said...

Thanks to all will be posting an update soon. Have received enough to get first battery of tests done and amazing response.

Thank you Steve, John, Dixie from Cry and Howl, any others I may have missed. No amount is too small and prayers needed as well.

Must go for now, much thanks. Prayers and blessings to all of you!

Andrea said...


Findalis said...

While I'm strapped until payday, I have put AJ in my prayer list. Our pets are members of our families and need prayers as well as the 2 legged members of our clans need them.

PatriotUSA said...


Thank you so much and the ongoing management of whatever is affecting AJ is a major concern. First step is done after 10:30 AM Friday. Just too many damn hurdles in our way right now and now this.

Thank you again for your prayers and thoughts!