The Syrian situation is FUBAR

Confidential Reporter has been spot on about Libya, North Korea, Egypt and now Syria.

Sadly, the Obama regime thinks it can ride the Muslim/Islamic tiger to further it's interests. So how well has this strategy worked? Not very well at all and now in Syria we have a brutal dictator fighting a nasty, brutal Jihadist group.

The real losers here will be the innocent people of Syria. There are no winners here. Obama is putting our money behind the Jihadists in Syria and did the same thing in Libya. That got four Americans murdered because of Obama refusing to pull the trigger.

Stolen with honor from Foreign Confidential and thanks to CR. PatriotUSA


Much of Damascus Still Loyal to Assad Regime

Syrian Capital Fears Islamist Takeover

Fearing an Islamist takeover, much of Syria's capital remains loyal to the Assad regime. Read more. (And Assad could be planning a retreat to an Alawite-dominated mountain stronghold, from which he could attack his enemies, including invading forces, with chemical arms.)

The Syrian situation is FUBAR. A direct Al Qaeda offshoot is emerging as one of the most effective rebel units. In other words, Syria is essentially following the Libyan script: the West, led by the United States, is in the process of replacing a contained secular dictatorship with an Islamist nightmare.

Not satisfied with aiding the overthrow of the pro-American Mubarak regime in Egypt, the Obama administration and its European allies sought to strengthen their alliance with supposed moderate Islamism (akin to the concept of moderate fascism or moderate Stalinism) by meddling in Syria.

The Obama administration, slavishly hailed as "progressive" by liberal idiots, will go down in history as the administration that overtly aligned United States foreign policy with rightwing political Islam. Initially, the administration narrowed the definition of the Islamist enemy to Al Qaeda and its affiliates. As a result of the unnecessary intervention in Libya, however, and the mess in Syria, the definition is being further narrowed and, barring a change in policy, it is only a matter of time--maybe months--before even affiliates, offshoots and known sympathizers will be deemed all right to "engage." At the rate things are going--more than a decade after 9/11 Al Qaeda is far from "decimated" and Islamism is ascendant--indirect and even direct negotiations with the core terrorist group are no longer unthinkable, as horrible as this may seem, for good reasons, to most Americans. The nation has no idea of what is really happening; and U.S. media are doing an awful job of reporting and analyzing the unfolding disasters.

Not since the catastrophic Carter administration assisted the ouster of Iran's modernizing monarch, Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, has there been this much confusion--and complicity--on the part of the news outlets, especially those clearly on the administration's side on all foreign and domestic policy issues.

But the Republicans are not blameless. The stupidity is bipartisan, as shown by the borderline imbecilic statements that continue to emanate from figures like the failed Presidential candidate John McCain, who still insists on referring to Libyan, Egyptian and Syrian Islamists as freedom fighters.

ENDNOTE: Clear-thinking critics of the administration's policy, those who refuse to believe in the existence of  "moderate Islamism" and that it is possible to appease such fascist terrorist groups as the Taliban and Hamas, are gradually being marginalized. Washington's party line is that Islamism is not monolithic;  worse, that the clerical fascist creed constitutes an unstoppable force that is on history's right side (right meaning progressive, not rightwing) and that the U.S, is capable of manipulating this force to further U.S. interests abroad. Perfidy!

ENDNOTE 2:  The taboo question that no liberal reporter will ask is this: Why won't the supposed freedom loving, pro-democracy rebels appeal to neighboring Israel for help? The answer is obvious: the rebels are in the main just as or more anti-Israel than the Assad regime, with which, in spite of its menacing alliance with Iran, Israel has basically enjoyed a de facto peace since 1973 and with which Israel, perhaps if not for Washington's interference, could long ago have made a formal peace pact.

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