A liberal stops by and everyone MUST be professional

First off I must apologize for being absent. All I will share is that it is very rough going for PatriotUSA right now. If I am absent for a spell let me just say it is because I am tending to things on the home front and they are extremely tough right now on all fronts.

Pain is now intractable and the saying KILL ME NOW is accurate.

Enough whining and sniveling. PRAYERS are always welcome.

I do have new posts in the works but life is hard, then we die .

Now for something really different. After this next feed you may think I have gone over to the dark side of libtard land but do not concern yourself about that. I am just letting a very liberal blogger drop in and become active here if he wishes to do so. I PERSONALLY invited him here. He is not a contributor, just a liberal looking for a Conservative place to hang out at. He has his own site.

So let me introduce John Liming and his site, Blue Heart Chronicles

I know, I know but there is a reason for my madness.

We all know the rules and this individual MUST be treated with proper respect and professionalism.

Everyone has always and will be welcome here at Patriot's Corner!

The Muslims who have come in here and tried to spread taqiyya and defend Islam, lied and got quite nasty so they got banned. Others have been banned as well.

Even if they are a libtard, commie progressive brainwashed moron, environazi, feminazi, Islamosympathizer I expect there to proper discussion, decorum and fair treatment to all.

Here is how John ended up here: 

There is a really fine site called Cry and Howl. The owner of Cry and Howl has stopped posting for reasons unknown. Anyone who blogs know that it can be extremely tough to do long term. A break is required from time to time. John and I both were at Cry and Howl, traded comments and then bam, no more Cry and Howl. John was wondering where he might go for true Conservative, Constitutional loving, counter jihadist, liberal, environazi, feminazi, far left moonbat unbrainwashing company, so I invited him to check out Patriot's Corner.

John seems like a nice fellow who does not agree with most, if not all what is posted up here.
That stated, treat him as we have treated all others who venture in here. Check out his site and he has opened it up to comments. Way to go, John!

I warned him that we have incredibly intelligent contributors  and he may have to defend himself, and the same goes for us. All I can say is play nice.

Just to show John how nice we are, here is a feed from his site. While you all read this over I am stepping out for a CEEGAR and take the editor for a long walk, a slow painful one.

Is John talking about us here?

Remember to be civil and polite at all times!

He knows about The-Constitutionist.com but like a true liberal, he cannot deal with the truth that Obama is NOT a Natural Born Citizen and Obama is an illegal POTUS. I changed the image as this is my site and I thought John would like to see his, not my POTUS, as the fool and bum that he truly is.


Birthers Haven't Given Up The Ghost!

Birthers are still out there spinning their little webs and I think they probably will be doing their thing long after the President's second term has faded into History!

- - - My Political Opinions - - -

They tried it all, didn't they?

They tried to get famous personalities to go on television and make fools out of themselves - - - they tried to get legitimate courts of law to listen to their crap - - - they created all kinds and varieties of "investigations," "demands," news releases, videos and even a couple of full-length feature films - - - and . . .

None of it worked!

The President was still elected for a second term, the Will of the American People was expressed at the voting booth - - -

But with some of the "Birther" nutwads . . . the beat goes on! 

None of the fabricated arguments against the legitimacy of the President's place of birth held water then, none of them hold water now and none of them will ever hold any water and the individual they like to call "Obama" or "Barrty Soetoro" or "Soebarkah" or more disrespectfully BHO or "Obummer" or some other idiotic and disrespectful tag is legally the President, has been thoroughly and legitimately vetted by those who count, holds the office by the results of our American democratic process - - - and the whiners and complainers and conspiracists over in Birther Land haven't got a leg to stand on as far as I am concerned.

So these  anti-Obama dolts can scream and cry and complain and march and make movies and write garbage all they want and it will change nothing! The results of the election demonstrate to me that nothing the Birther crowd has to say is being listened to by many Americans (If any but their own ilk) and for all practical purposes and for all pragmatic reasons, they might just as well shut their lying mouths . . . but of course we know that isn't ever going to happen, is it?  Not as long as there is an ear to hear at any rate!

It has been reported that some of the Birthers have gotten some courts of law to listen to some cases concerning the President's eligibility to be president based on their ridiculous claims that he was not born in the United States but to date nothing has happened with these crazy lawsuits either as far as I can tell - - - and of course, nothing should happen with any of them in my opinion because I believe there wouldn't be any such lawsuits if it were not for the fact that there are some awfully sore losers in this country - - - and perhaps a few bigots too.

Some of the Birther types are complaining that not enough evidence has been forthcoming concerning the demise of some of the international terrorists that the president may had some role in bringing to justice and some of them (The Birthers) are using that mindless argument in their quest to cause questions about what I view as their useless cause.

It won't work, of course because it is plain enough to many folks that the terrorist threat from the deposed terrorist figures is no longer any kind of threat.

But that doesn't stop the hateful mouths from running anyway does it?

Here is what I think:

I think dogs bark but rarely ever say anything that makes sense.

The idea being proposed by some of the Birther nuts that I personally find to be probably the craziest of them all is a demand that the president's birth certificate, social security application, selective service records and all his college records be forensically analyzed.

I suppose children need their toys!

But here is the deal from my personal perspective:

If the Birthers are ever going to be granted the forensic activity some of them are reported to have requested, then I damned well contend that if it is going to be done to the contemporary president's documents, it should be retroactive and include every president who has ever held the office.

That would be what I could call "fair."

Posted by John Liming

Source is here.

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11 Comments - Share Yours!:

John said...

Hey there PC, this is one of the nicest things I think any. . .Conservative . . .has ever done for me and I appreciate it.

Everything that has been said about me here is absolutely true - - I am a hard-headed, dyed-in-the-wool Libtard and proudly so - - - I am arrogant, opinionated and sometimes extremely critical (understatement) but I do believe everyone has an opinion and I am glad we live in America where we are free to sock-it-to-them when the spirit moves.

My thanks again to a most incredible Conservative Blog host and I wish him all goodness and all blessings and abundance from God forever and ever amen.

OMMAG said...

If the Birthers are ever going to be granted the forensic activity some of them are reported to have requested, then I damned well contend that if it is going to be done to the contemporary president's documents, it should be retroactive and include every president who has ever held the office.

And doesn't that say it all?

Bring it on Chumlee.

PatriotUSA said...

Not too bad a bone I tossed you, eh? T-Bone to be sure but not Prime Rib.

"Everything that has been said about me here is absolutely true - - I am a hard-headed, dyed-in-the-wool Libtard and proudly so - - - I am arrogant, opinionated and sometimes extremely critical (understatement) but I do believe everyone has an opinion and I am glad we live in America where we are free to sock-it-to-them when the spirit moves."

And those are the reasons I did extend an invitation to you John.
Plus at this point in me life, I am trying very very hard to be as nice as I can(this does not come easy to me at all!), withing bonds of reason, of course. Those are being opinionated, well researched, documented, taking no prisoners and basically loathing liberalism, excessive diversity, multiculturalism and the terminal illness of political correctness. Not aimed at you at all, just your politics and I am sure you feel the same way. My past is one I am trying to put behind me as it was filled with much violence, anger. This does not mean my politics and beliefs are going soft or to the left, not a chance as the older I become, the more I believe in me heart in the very foundations upon which our REPUBLIC was built upon.

Hope you will drop in on occasion. PC cannot replace Cry and Howl and that was never my intention. I will be sharing your post on some others sites to get more exposure for your site. If anyone gets all over you, let me know. I may not agree with what you have to say but I will defend it to my death. Freedom of Speech and the 1st amendment while we have it as YOUR POTUS would like to take that away as well.

Nick said...

Hi John,
I have a background in engineering, and a degree in philosophy, and do try to write posts here that deal with real issues, rather than engage in ad hominem attacks against people - that's just not good practice. Back in my engineering days, falling out with the boat's engineer would not have gotten the engine repaired! I had to start stripping the engine down, figure out what was wrong, and get it fixed, no matter what it took.

So I look forward to hearing your views here at Patriot's Corner. It's always interesting to hear other people's views.

When I was writing software, you had to test your work for bugs, and anticipate any problems that might arise, and make your software as robust as poss. - any of your colleagues coming up with a possible problem you hadn't thought about was always welcome - because you ended up with better software.

Same with the "software" running between our ears - if someone else points out a problem then you need to be able to solve it, so that you know you can rely on your own "operating system" - if you see what I mean.

That's my view in a nutshell anyway ...

PatriotUSA said...

Thanks Nick, was hoping you would comment and you are spot on.

Nick said...

As you know, I studied Mill at university:


Andrea said...

Dear John (smirk) - Dear John - why Patriot is putting us thru the angst of sitting thru any liberal view I have no idea - other than what he said. PATRIOT! Give us a break!

That off my chest - :-) - Hi John. You are welcome here, maybe mostly because you have your sarc skills pretty finely honed - something conservatives appreciate. On to it - I won't address birther issue - Patriot speaks for me, but a couple of things - perhaps you have covered them at your site, I'll get there soon to find out....

First - "the Will of the American People was expressed at the voting booth" - liberals and conservatives alike make the mistake of claiming "the Will of the" yada yada. Note - of those who DID vote, including the dead and illegals etc - Hussein Obama got some 48% or so - NOT anywhere near 100%.

Second - name calling - as I just did above - I'll do again for your benefit - some of us have taken to calling the Muslim in Chief (not sure you had that one) Hussein Obama.

Third - Hussein Obama "has been thoroughly and legitimately vetted by those who count" -
a. "thoroughly and legitimately vetted" - LMAO.
b. "by those who count" - there ya go Patriot - you (and a bunch of the rest of us here) are a no count! Just makin sure you get that.

Fourth - so I guess you are well employed and enjoying the benefits of the HO policies. Just curious your views on the MILLIONS of unemployed in our country. No counts I guess too?

Fifth then I'm outta here - I have some no count post to do. John. Dear John...Benghazi? It was the video, right? Cause according to you it shore could not have been terrorists as they no longer exist. And the Benghazi 4 would be "no counts" too I'm guessing like all the soldiers and innocents who have died in Bush's war?

Dear John - welcome to PC!
Dear Patriot - I WAS being nice!
that is all

Andrea said...

Dear John - Having just read 3.5 of your most recent pieces I will say - if I were a liberal I would probably read your site daily. You clearly lay out the left's talking points.

You are way off on conservatives thinking the little guy makes too much $ and it belongs to the elite. What we think is CUTS must be made to government spending. I read something today that about 70% of the $'s HO is demanding (yes demanding) is going to NEW spending! The only skill gov has when it comes to $ is coming up with new ways to spend it.

There is a common thread between you and the right wingtards here and that is your concern for America's citizens. That I heard loud and clear. Regards. Andea

PatriotUSA said...

And you notice he has not answered, dear Andrea!

My points why were laid out and thank you for being gracious.

PatriotUSA said...

Check out this site as it is where I found John:


It was all about rising above what the true, far left would do if the situation was reversed. That is all and I thank all for being gracious and professional.

There was a greater pint to all of what I did and no, I ain't gone mental or fallen off the left side of the flat earth.

Game, set match my friends and it is that simple.

Andrea, Thank you for being yourself and your comments were what I wanted and I hope will be gracious to answer them.

Let us not hold our collective breath!!

PatriotUSA said...


You are always welcome here.

You know that I and all of us ' evil righties' mean this!