Robert Spencer at UC Irvine

Most of us know Gary Fouse, a part time instructor at UC Irvine, who is a contributor here on Patriot's Corner.

Gary has done a masterful job of  documenting the problems at UC Irvine with anti-Semitism and just plain outright hatred at times against Jewish students and Israel. The university itself has been less than fair in it's approach to the problem, much of which stems from the Muslim Student Association. This is not a problem isolated to just UC Irvine. Rampant political correctness and fear of 'offending the Muslim students' is at the very root of this problem, not to mention the far left tilt and corruption of what now passes for higher education in the United States. This is my opinion and it is based on facts from what Gary has reported and what I, have at times shared from happenings at colleges all across the United States.

This is from Answering Muslims features Robert Spencer speaking at UC Irvine. PatriotUSA


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