Helping friend with family emergency- PatriotUSA

I was just going to start with new posts and got a call  from a friend who lives out of town. 
He and his family are barley surviving and his wife is very ill.

I will leaving as soon as I post this, for their place and it is rather remote, 45 miles one way.

Doing what friends do and I am not feeling well myself but they need help and now.

Posting will resume from me later today at the earliest. Monday at the latest.

Thanks for understanding. PatriotUSA

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Andrea said...

Be safe Patriot. May God watch over them, and you.

VoxSanitas said...

You're a good man, Patriot- a man of actions as well as words. Wish I could be out there to help you. Godspeed!

PatriotUSA said...

Thanks to both of you and it has worked out well. Never met this family before and they are amazing.

Just cannot say much more except that it was a very long night, longer day and last night....just exhausted.