ISP fubar due to funky Central Oregon weather-Grrrrrrr

I  have no idea if this will post up or not but here goes....

We have had a bit of snow and lost ISP for now.

The weather is not bad at all. A couple of inches of snow, 25 degrees out, this is no big deal. 10 degrees out, snowing three inches and hour pushed by 25 MPH wind? That is a big deal to PatriotUSA

But no.... not here on the RIGHT side of the Cascades. All it takes is a Coyote fart or two, some damn libtard or tree hugger down the road in oh so politically correct Bend to flip open a copy of the local commie pinko, progressive out house paper, The Source and wham, there goes our Internet service. Right down the drain to where all refuse in Central Oregon seems to end, Prineville. Maybe someone in Bend forgot to recycle a plastic milk container, bought a real 44 Oz. BIG GULP or smoked a ceegar in downtown Bend (no, it was not me as I am allergic to Bend and avoid it like Obama or liberals but I have done so in the past), or it was someone who drank a Cascade Lakes Brewery Beer (Redmond, Oregon like me) instead of a precious Deschutes Brewery Beer from snooty Bend that caused our Internet service to go tits up. Or maybe it is the vortex that is one step closer to hell that is Central Pooregon? I do not know but my permagrump is an extreme case so it has come to this.....

I lost an entire post I had researched and worked on all day for whatever reason and will now have to rebuild it. I will do so but NOT until I know our service has been restored. So that leaves PatriotUSA gone and highly irritated for tonight.

So with a bit of snow on the ground I am going hunting for some of these and you can smell them a mile away up or down wind:

Back when ISP is restored and is there any bag limit on tree huggers?
Like I said, not sure if this will post up and it is just snark, so don't get your panties in a wad or you might need a pair of these to fish them out:


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