Evil Whispers - Benghazi

My blood runs cold when I stop to think about Ambassador Stevens on the night he was killed, nay, assassinated (IMO) by Hussein Obama.  We all read the initial reports – he met with a mysterious person, walked the man to the front gate, and then went off to bed.

He went off to bed knowing the danger he/they were in.  He had repeatedly asked for more security only to be turned down.  His secretive dealings with what was probably another Fast and Furious gun running operation (or worse), unless he was an utter fool, points to a man who KNEW his every breath might be his last.  And yet, that night, of all nights, September 11th, he simply went off to bed.

That says to me, someone, someone he trusted implicitly, repeatedly whispered in his ear, that he was safe.  All was fine.  Not to worry - nothing was going to happen to him or his operation.

My blood runs cold when I stop to contemplate the evil incarnate who whispered Ambassador Stevens to his death….

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Findalis said...

And Clinton discovered a way not to testify again. She fainted.

PatriotUSA said...

W all know Clinton did not faint and it is all smoke and mirrors, another cover up and it makes my resolve even stronger.

Fuck Obama and ya all know I usually do not use foul language but this POS POTUS deserves nothing from me and he is NOT my POTUS.

NEVER! He is a traitor.