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I have noticed lately a huge number of hits on the Senate and House twitter lists at my site.  My thinking was it was folks using them to write our Congress critters with reference to Boehner MUST GO!  And then I discovered one site that has put the lists to as good a use as they will ever get.  I am floored that I did not know of this site and all I can say is - folks - please, please, go to the link --> Benghazi Truth, The Ultimate Benghazi Cover-Up Investigation Activist Site and stay abreast of huge amounts of information - in particular, who of our Congress men and women are in support of finding out exactly what went on in Benghazi. 
A portion of a conversation yesterday in comment section -
Kathy Amidon  - It is very encouraging to call the Reps offices and realize 'they don't bite' and they are really listening and determined to make sure this issue does not go away and like you, I feel like it will happen. I personally, for some reason, am not as concerned about Boehner, he is on a 'tipping' point IMO.  We'll keep working at it and do all we can do but I can almost promise you...that light at the end of the tunnel is not a train."

The blog administrator - Proe Graphique (to whom we should all be tremendously grateful for his work and for whom I can find no twitter link) replied to Kathy - IMO it IS a train. It's a TRAIN-WRECK for the Obama administration. Obama has thrown his arrogant weight around, insulted people, lied, ruined the economy, destroyed our international credibility and has clearly sought to be some kind of communist messiah harbinger of destruction. Well, the hearings are fast approaching and people once-loyal to Obama appear to be doing to him what he has done to others: politically throw him under the bus. Whatever Hillary says under oath will be to cover HER ass, not his. There is certain to be one little line, one little statement by her, made seemingly innocently but calculated, that throws the blame entirely on Obama. "What goes around comes around".

The video below was posted at the site yesterday - at one point Congressman Steve King said - We don't have a chronology of a time line of events, we don't have an autopsy of Ambassador Stevens, we don't know who was in the situation room, who came and who went ... but we do know all that about Osama Bin Laden.   And all I could think was - no shit Sherlock!

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