You cannot negotiate with Islam

This was pulled from the comments related to the video below over at The Western Center For Journalism.

Downs1 says
"The Benghazi attack was an act of war, but no one will call it that! There will never be a true democracy in the Muslim world because Islam simply isn’t compatible with that form of government! The whole idea of creating a democracy in Iraq or Iran or in any other Islamic nation was doomed from the start, but man’s arrogance won that debate. So, our troops that have died in the Middle East since Desert Storm have essentially died in vain.  

You cannot negotiate with Islam, nor can you trust any long term alliance with Muslims extremists. History has shown this repeatedly, but to say so is not politically correct.  

What about our relationship with Mubarack, and our long standing peace with Sadat in Egypt?” Sadat was assassinated and Mubarack was removed with US help! The US relationship with Egypt and Pakistan was based upon our paying billions to maintain “peace!” “What about our relationship with Saudi Arabia and the Shah of Iran?” The Iranians took our embassy people hostage for over 400 days, and the Ayatollas took over. Our continued “friendship” with these nations depends on our buying their oil. Saudi Arabia is quietly undermining the US by influencing our education system to remove any reference to Christianity and to teach the virtues of Islam! There is little or no difference between Islamists in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, IIraq, ran and Syria and in Dearborn, Michigan. The ultimate goal of Islamics everywhere is a world wide Caliphate based upon Shari’a Law. They will say anything and do anything to bring that about! They are very dedicated! Would that we were so dedicated to maintain what God has given us!

I could not have said this any better myself! I did call this an act of war a few days after the event.

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