How Obama is spending election day......lazy slacker

Does not know how to work anyway.....

President Obama to Play Pickup Basketball on Election Day

President Obama to Play Pickup Basketball on Election Day

President Barack Obama has had a tradition since entering political office. He plays pickup basketball in his hometown of Chicago every Election Day. Obama sent out an email recently to get a couple of his buddies together, like former Duke Blue Devil Reggie Love, to organize a game of ball.

Former White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said of the ritual:

“We made the mistake of not playing basketball once. We won’t make that mistake again.”
The President lost the 2008 New Hampshire primary to Hilary Clinton because he didn't play a game of hoops. We would pay good money to hear the POTUS talk trash in a game of 21.

Streetball is an American tradition.

[via Black Sports Online]

Playing basketball will most likely not help the Communist and Thief today, November 6th.

He has not seriously worked a week in his community organizing, manufactured, taxpayer mooching life.

Make sure you vote to remove him from the White House today!  PatriotUSA

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