We are in dark times and it will get darker before we see a new dawn

Yes, we will see a new dawn in our Republic.

There will be suffering, collapse and the ruination of millions of lives. It will be, perhaps the very darkest times this country has ever witnessed before the new dawn arises. 

Whether it will be in my lifetime, our children's lifetime, a 'Red Dawn' (Not the 2012 version, what a pathetic re-make of a fine movie), a new dawn  will rise over the ashes of a country called the United State Of America.

The socialist and statist progressive policies will be voted out, overturned or removed by  our second revolution. It may be peaceful, it may not. Blood may run in the streets across our land, or not.

I REFUSE, I repeat, REFUSE to jump on the doom and gloom train and say all is lost for our Republic. Giving into despair is not the answer and is what the left expects us to do. Do not expect the RINO GOP or most republicans to have any solutions that are worth anything. If  you voted for dopey changey Obama, then you have assured us that we will all get what you Obamabots deserve.

This brings me to the point of this next post and be sure to read this entire feed. It is a really fine expose of what must be done to start bringing about change for our country.

By Sundancecracker from the The Last Refuge.

I WILL not give into despair and you should not either.


More Reasoning for Operation “Nuke Ohio”…. 
By Sundancecracker

Only after you have read that entire well structured reasoning, then.. 

Reconsider…… “The Nuke Ohio” option:
Bear with me, this needs somewhat of a set up. After watching President Obama get re-elected, despite the insufferably painful in-your-face and pocketbook policies that are economically destructive to a brutal point, it is painfully obvious there is much heavy lifting needed.
I have now fully digested all the Romney folks who give their excuses, the Cocktail Class Decepticons who give their insight, and the beltway Republicans -who still think Mitch McConnell is a reasonable face for the party. Seriously? Talk about “moderation”, vis-a-vis acquiescence to the leftist progressive principles.

The progressive intolerant President Obama campaign was a cynical one, and using his own words “revenge,” based in large part on division amid the electorate; noting Millionaires/Billionaires are now couples making $250k or more, and freebies like birth control at the expense of religious liberty; with promises of more “stuff” like amnesty to illegal aliens, bailouts for unsustainable union contracts and bigger government like the takeover of student finances, to “spread the wealth;” and if you didn’t like it, well, you were a racist. People fell for it.

Essentially, the final insight I personally was waiting to understand, was to see who the new face of the RGA would be, and who they would put forth as the messenger for the party headed to 2014/2016. Bobby Jindal, was selected and now he provides the road map to how Republicans are going to approach the electorate moving forward:

Considering the Romney admission of Obama dividing the electorate [...] at a meeting of the Republican Governors Association at the Encore Hotel here in Las Vegas, Jindal did not hold back. “That is absolutely wrong,” Jindal said. “Two points on that. One, we have got to stop dividing American voters. We need to go after 100 percent of the votes, not 53 percent.

So the new head of the Republican Governors Association, Bobby Jindal, is advocating for a newly branded Republican party to appeal to Athiests, the Dependency Class, Abortionists, Illegal Aliens (who supposedly can’t vote anyway), Big Labor Union Collectives, Those who wish to increase taxes, The professional Race-baiting class, Socialists, Communists, and other like-minded and progressively affiliated members of the electorate…. Target 100%.


This is the approach?

In essence, Bobby Jindal now reflects the new paradigm of the Republican party and wants to out-left the left; replete with faux-appeals, and happy sounding albeit disingenuous words, to people who might be fiscally worried about all the money it costs to support these ideological parasites in their fantasy lifestyle of government dependency.

Nothing to see here, move along, move along, ignore the guy reaching into your bank account – it’s not really your money anyway…. it belongs to the ‘collective’. This is the new “improved” or “better” approach, really?


Did any one of them pause to wrap their insufferable “big government” mind-set around the real reason for Romney losing. He just sucked – Big Time.

Just like Bob Dole, Bush-1, John McCain, and all other faux-conservatives cocktail class republicans before them. Romney was such a horrific candidate he could not even convince more than 40% of the Republican electorate in the primary he was worth a vote.

Think about it.

60% of Romney’s own affiliated party did not want him to win the primary. Yet it’s some big effen’ surprise that he lost the general election; and subsequently the “establishment” betters are going to come up with a new manner, a new method and purpose, to insure their viability moving forward?
Look at what the insufferably Establishment Loving - Ann Coulter says:
If Republicans continue to tell themselves comforting myths about our candidate  being the problem, they better get used to losing a lot more elections.
They got the guy they wanted to oppose Obama – AND LOST. But it’s your fault.

The intellectual elitist class (Mitch McConnell, Orin Hatch, John Boehner, Lyndsey Graham, John McCain) are going to come up with a bolder, better, Romney 2.0? AND THAT is going to restore fundamental foundational principles of our Republic?


I don’t give a F--K about Grover Norquist – I DO care about the future of this Republic. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but Three Rights make a left. Think about this analogy:

Republicans are the party of free-market business so this analogy is actually quite appropos.
Now that the product launch was a massive fail – nobody bought this product or brand – So, you have a board meeting taking place at the Company Headquarters (GOP). The various departments Marketing/Advertising (RNC), Retail Operations (RGA), and Product Research and Development (Beltway)… all pointing fingers. 
Meanwhile the Customer Relations dept. (the folks who matter – the ones closest to the work at corporate level) and the store managers (those charged with actually selling the product) are shut out of the board room and unable to explain what the customer wanted and why their product failed so miserably.
You see, “The Board” must find an excuse, because they cannot accept the principle that their product is wrong. If they accept it, if they actually accepted the understanding of what is at the core of the company problem, they would have to absorb that the problem is THEM. This paradigm shift is too difficult a bitter pill to swallow.
They spent a massive amount of money, effort, time, developing a product in the echo-chamber of executive suite(s). It looks great, it sounds great, it seems great, but only because they are looking at the product “as if” they are the consumer/customer – They’re not.
Until they understand that THEY are the problem they will just recycle the same stinkin’ thinkin’ and lauch another Dole/McCain/Romney 2.0 /3.0 /eleventy.naught – under the auspices that they just didn’t do a good enough job of advertising it.
Another batch of shit people don’t want to buy will flood to stores…… and the cycle will repeat. Meanwhile the competition laughs uncontrollably and tells them to keep it up.

The Deception Cocktail Class of Republicans has moved so far away from conservative principles they have circled back around to the left.

But this is after all what the crust less sandwich crowd historically does when they lose – they double down on stupid.

Look at the prior outcomes to giving them power – Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff. Or, better yet, how about The Patriot Act, or FEMA, or the TSA, or, well, you get the point. That is why there is no distance between the options, their Corinthian Leather candidate Mitt Romney, and/or the progressive tax and spend candidate Barack Obama.

So now Jindal is going to carry the cigar box formerly held by Bob McDonnell, Haley Barbour and K-Street, whilst the same white wine spritzer country club class of “betters” reframe a newer version of the old failed narrative.

Only this time, they mean to be “inclusive” and stuff…..while blaming conservatives, the “far right” for their failings….. failings which include the nomination of their guy, the one THEY wanted, Mitt Romney… Huh?

We are now to accept wanting a balanced budget, stopping insane spending, and promoting achievement with equal opportunity (NOT equal outcome) and being pro-free market business rather than over-regulation and entitlement is… “far right“? Really?

That, in a nutshell, is what Tea partiers stand for.

The raised pinky crowd argue fiscal cliffs about 3 or 4 percent tax hikes NOW on “the rich” (defined progressively as couples making $250k), while totally ignoring the 25 to 50% tax hikes embedded in the current rate of deficit spending over $1.2 Trillion annually.

Stop. Think.

A 4% tax increase now “on the rich” to avoid a “fiscal cliff” catastrophy generates $40 billion a year. WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER $960 BILLION in the one year deficit? D.E.F.I.C.I.T. !!

You could magnify all current tax rate increase proposals by a magnitude of TWENTY and you still would not close the spending gap. We are $16.3 TRILLION in debt.

If 4% more gets you $40 Billion. How much will it take in the future to get $16+ TRILLION. (*note a Trillion is one thousand Billions)

And it is “extremist” to point this out.

I suppose these things, these realities, these TRUTHS, are anathema to the entitlement “gimmeeeee NOW ‘I am special’” crowd who must be brought into the base of a new Republican party fearful of further electoral defeat.

Subsequently it becomes appropriate to call everyone who dares to think that people should actually earn, then keep what they earn, rather than mooch a life of indebtedness cradle to grave, “far right“. And the apparent ‘best idea’ is to alienate the production class preferring to curry favor of the taking
recipient class.

Riddle me this…. How exactly is this Republican approach any different from President Obama’s version of FORWARD? Where does that road trip actually end? CLUE: It’s a hell of a lot worse than any current FISCAL CLIFF.

But we are the movement of solutions. We are the folks who look at a problem, roll up our sleeves and deal with the issue in front of us. We are the git-r-done crowd and it doesn’t matter a hoot or a holler what happens, or doesn’t happen, in your bedroom or in your doctor’s office. That’s your business. That’s your pursuit of happiness, and that’s fine with us, to the extent that your engagement in happy-chasing behavior does not ultimately end up costing us more confiscation of what we work diligently to earn.

Buy your own damn rubbers and birth control pills along with your own beer, wine or latte’s. Not.Our.Issue.

So with solution-minded principles at the forefront, how do we send a message, a resounding message, that none can ignore? Unfortunately, it takes a bold statement, a slap across the face to wake the pontificating class of Decepticons up.

So how do we do it?

We take out John Boehner, that’s how.

THAT will send a message.

It’s not like John Boehner is the antithesis of all that is wrong – he ain’t. But he is a damn good representation of it; and it would sure as heck snap back the insufferable hands of those who are STUPID enough to place our necks in the guillotine of fiscal insanity.

Instead of waiting as victims for the blade to reach us whilst bitching and moaning about it, let’s just Git-r-done and take one of them out first.

If you are on board with the approach, let me know in the comments, also let this message reach far and wide through all the blogosphere to patriots young and old alike.

My (PatriotUSA) response to Sundancecracker is here from the comment section:

PatriotUSA says: November 23, 2012 at 1:07 am

'On board and will re-post at PC on the 23rd. See this link and feel free to do your part:

I am beyond bold enough to support him. Darkness is descending over our Republic.

Some of us have been trying and it is time to triple down on stupid RINOS and beyond for restoring our Republic"


There is a candidate in Ohio willing to take John Boehner on in the primary of 2014. He has reached out to us, offering to be fully vetted, and willing to take the challenge.

The question is – Are you bold enough to support him?

More will follow…….

Source is here from The Last Refuge.

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