Exhuming Arafat

Gary Fouse

                                                                             "How does one exhume the Devil?"

One of the most complicated archaeological projects in the history of the Middle East is still on-going: the exhumation of Yassir Arafat's sorry remains. And why this unusual project? So the Palestinian historians and other conspiracy theorists can "prove" that the Israelis poisoned the terrorist leader. Maybe that quack professor Jeff Halper will charge that the Israelis used that famous spectral dust to take Arafat out.


Even if the supposition were true, I would applaud the Israelis for eliminating the old bastard.

"Earlier this month, workers began prying open the concrete-encased tomb in Arafat's former government headquarters in the West Bank city of Ramallah."

Really? Over here in the US, that's a one-day project at the most. Maybe they should ask the more technologically-advanced Israelis for assistance.

Or the Palestinians could do it quickly by using their specialized bombing techniques.

"Go stand over there next to that tomb, kid."

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Zenster said...

Let's hope that someone sneaks out a sample of Arafat's tissue to Israeli sources. This monumental scumbag most likely died of HIV/AIDS.

For those would are interested in Arafat's hypocritical stance as a devoted follower of Islam, please read, "The Communist Roots of Palestinian Terror" by David Meir-Levi. An excerpt:

But while Arafat was finally absorbing and applying the lessons he learned from his Romanian and North Vietnamese hosts and handlers, as Pacepa describes it in Red Horizons, the Soviets still questioned his dependability. So, with Pacepa’s help, they created a highly specialized ‘insurance policy’. Using the good offices of the Romanian ambassador to Egypt, they secretly taped Arafat’s almost nightly homosexual interactions with his bodyguards and with the unfortunate preteen orphan boys whom Ceausescu provided for him as part of ‘Romanian hospitality’.

With videotapes of Arafat’s voracious pedophilia in their vault, and knowing the traditional attitude toward homosexuality in Islam, the KGB felt that Arafat would continue to be a reliable asset for the Kremlin.

Strange, isn't it that newly liberated Russia hasn't demonstrated its dedication to fighting Islamic terrorism by releasing those compromising video tapes? It forces one to question Russia's ultimate political agenda.