Why Did Dept. of State Send MPAC Head to Poland?

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

MPAC Head Salam al Marayati (l) with friends

Hillary Clinton's State Department is starting to look as rotten as Eric Holder's Justice Department as more scandals pile up. Just recently, State participated in a human rights forum in Warsaw, Poland. Guess who they sent as an American participant. None other than Salam al Marayati, founder and head of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, which is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. In the face of criticism, State is standing by their man. Creeping Sharia has the report.


If human rights is the issue, here is another reason why Marayati was not fit to represent the US in a human rights forum. In 2009, Marayati was one of over 100 top Muslim leaders who were recipients of the so-called Freedom Letter sent by Former Muslims United (FMU) headed by Nonie Darwish, an Egyptian-American apostate, who has written and spoken out against Islamic intolerance. As a result, she has received numerous death threats. The letter asked each recipient to sign a pledge stating that American Muslim apostates should not be harmed. Only two persons signed the pledge, neither of whom was Marayati. In addition, a renewed letter was sent this year to about 200 Muslim leaders in the US including Marayati by FMU. He has not responded.

So if Marayati cannot bring himself to at least verbally defend the right to safety of Americans who have left Islam in the face of death threats, how is he a suitable representative of the US at a human rights forum?

What say you, Mrs Clinton?

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Andrea said...

Quoting someone near to me - "It seems that every single damn day our government pushes islamic ideology as being part of the fabric of who and what America is!" Wake the hell up America!