IKEA sanitizes women out of catalog for Muslim country

I do not shop at IKEA for a couple of reasons.

The first one is that the founder Ingvar Kamprad has ties to the Nazi Facist party in Sweden. Throughout his life he has refused to disown the views he holds towards facism and holds a very high opinion of Per Engdahl who was member of the pro Nazi party back in 1942, The New Swedish Movement.

Kamprad has supposedly recanted his extreme views in a book back in 1994 but if you do some research you will find Mr. Kamprad is still quite extreme in his views.

Second reason: IKEA caters to Islam as exemplified by what you will read below. There are no IKEA stores within 120 miles of  where we live and even if we had an IKEA store close by, I would refuse to shop there.

Islam is where the real war on women lives!

Thanks to Nick for the lead in on this post. PatriotUSA


Women airbrushed from Ikea Saudi Catalogue

Otherwise identical pages of the catalogue, which is reporduced in a number of different languages across the world, have had female figures either airbrushed out or new similar images have been shot.
In the English version of the Ikea catalogue, for example, a mother can be seen standing at a sink next to her child in a bathroom. In the Saudi catalogue, however, there is no mother and the child stands at the sink alone.

In another image, a woman and a little girl who appear to be studying in the Ikea catalogue have been completely removed.

Sweden's trade minister, Ewa Bjorling, told the Metro newspaper: "It's impossible to retouch women out of reality.

"These images are yet another regrettable example that shows we have a long road ahead when it comes to gender equality in Saudi Arabia."

Most meeting places in Saudia Arabia are segregated and woman are required to cover up in public.
In a statement, Ikea said: "We should have reacted and realised that excluding women from the Saudi Arabian version of the catalogue is in conflict with the IKEA Group values."

Saudi Arabia has three Ikea stores, in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dhahran.

Ikea Saudia Arabia leaves out women from brochure

Ikea Saudia Arabia leaves out women from brochure

Ikea Saudia Arabia leaves out women from brochure

Source is here.

Great video from Sun News on this sorry story from Creeping Sharia:

This shouldn’t really be a surprise coming from a company that branded a hijab just for its Muslim staff.

Source is here for Creeping Sharia.

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Findalis said...

Why should we be surprised with this?

Saudi Arabia has left women out of the picture for years.

PatriotUSA said...

Only the stupid progressive libtards and femibazis would be surprised by this.

Most of here are NOT and know all about the religion of pieces.