Obama had to double down on STUPID and four AMERICANS are now dead

I will never tire of sharing the fine investigative research and reporting that comes from The Last Refuge, especially when it comes to exposing the Obama administration for the murder of four Americans in what is now known as Benghazigate.

There is nothing that the Obama administration has told the American people that is to be believed or taken as for certain and I mean NOTHING. Except this, FOUR AMERICANS are dead and Ambassador Christopher Stevens was tortured, raped and sodomized by his Muslim, Islamic terrorist captors.

Much has been made about a worthless, two bit video that was insulting to Mohammad (MHBIH) and hence insulting to Muslims. So what. Muslims are insulted and offended by everything and anything. Yet this video was used as the excuse for the attack on the embassy in Benghazi. The explannation for this and more is below via the Treepers, the Sluethmasters of the Treehouse, from The Last Refuge. PatriotUSA


The Origin of Premediated Obfuscation – It Was Convienient and Useful, But Stupid and False… 
By Sundancecracker

Understanding the Origin of The Muhammed Movie Narrative and How it was used…

On September 11th 2011 a protest took place outside the U.S. embassy in Cairo, Egypt.   The protest was organized by Mohammed Al Zawahiri (brother of al-Qaeda’s top leader Ayman Al Zawahiri – Afghanistan) calling for the release of Omar Abdel-Rahman (The Blind Sheik) from prison in Gitmo.

This was not unexpected, not at all.   Actually as far back as May 2011 we first outlined the Egyptian demand for his release:

CAIRO (Reuters 4/12/2011) - Hundreds of supporters of a radical Muslim Egyptian cleric called on the United States to release him in a rare public demonstration by Islamists who have become more vocal since President Hosni Mubarak was ousted.

About 400 protesters, most of whom said they belonged to the militant al-Gama’a al-Islamiya group, gathered near the heavily fortified U.S. embassy in downtown Cairo to demand freedom for their spiritual leader Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman.  (article)  *Note this is 2011

(Via IPT)  [May 2011] The Egyptian government reportedly has asked the United States to release the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel-Rahman, and send him back to Egypt, according to the Open Source Center, a government clearinghouse of publicly available foreign intelligence.  Abdel-Rahman is the former spiritual leader of the Egyptian terrorist organization, Gama’a al-Islamiyya. He is considered the spiritual inspiration behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and is serving a life sentence in connection with a subsequent plot to bomb New York landmarks and tunnels.

But his continued imprisonment could spur anger in Egypt and other Islamic states, said his son, Abdallah Abdel-Rahman. Keeping his father in custody would show that the United States did not seek to combat terrorism, but rather sought war on Islam.  He asked Egyptian officials to make a similar request, and an official at the Egyptian Ministry of Justice indicated that had been done. The official recommended Abdallah Abdel-Rahman make his own request to the U.S. government for his father’s repatriation since the two countries have no joint agreement for the exchange of prisoners.

Last month, [April 2011] hundreds of Gama’a members protested near the U.S. embassy in Cairo demanding Abdel-Rahman’s release.  (Last Year Story)

So you can see the Sept 2012 protest was not the first, there was a previous protest organized by the Sheik’s son in April 2011.   For this newer protest both his son, Abdallah Abdel-Rahman, and the newly released from prison Mohammed Al Zawahiri, coordinated the event.   They even covered the event on CNN with Nick Robertson (but oddly CNN never aired the report to U.S. audiences).
So how did the Cairo Embassy get the “intention” of the protest wrong and blame it on an insignificant U-Tube video?

For that answer you must understand what the State Dept knew and how they knew it.   Only then can you understand how they shared it, and how it became a useful cover, or obfuscation, for the events that followed in Benghazi, Libya.

The State Department in Cairo was unaware of the existence of the Prophet Mohammed movie prior to  September 9th:

Sherief Farid is an Islamic hardline Salafist who operates a small and obscure media network in Egypt.   He appears to be the origin of the first inquiry to the State Department of the unknown and insignificant U-Tube movie.   But at this moment the State Dept knows nothing about it.
Now to understand where the legs come from consider this sourcing:  [...]

[W]hen the Obama team took control [of the White House] Hillary took charge, performing information management duties in its execution of American Interests abroad…
The administration implemented Social Media under the operational control of Public Affairs. This consisted of using each embassy/consulate as an Internet focal point to enlist local nationals from the host country as friends, using Face Book and other media such as Twitter, or whatever the popular alternative was within that country or region.
The Administration utilized Twitter to mobilize its voters in 2008, again in 2010, and transferred the campaigns direct operation control operators into the DoS Public Affairs leadership. They have stood up a major operation using a building adjacent to Main State in DC and it is from there that global operations are contemplated, then farmed out to the local offices.  [...]

The crux of Public Affairs operations is that they can do several things, one of which is to FLASH information to subscribers, another to alert Americans in country, and they can stir the pot which is the ultimate goal of PA ops, e.g., influence local opinion.
The US Department of State FLASHED to the Islamic world the VIDEO INSULT and this is where the story grew legs.

Anyone investigating this Administration (Incident) needs to start right across the street from Main State and get those files and the list of people who worked in Public Affairs in both DC and within the consulates/embassies. This will expose the ugly truth.  (source)

Apparently this solves what has been a considerable puzzle to figure out.

The U.S. embassy in Cairo, Egypt received and inquiry about a Prophet Mohammed movie from a local salafist who enjoys stirring emotion on his insignificant media outlet.  The embassy then forwards the inquiry through its public inquiry office to the broader State Dept network.   Of course given the upcoming anniversary date of 9/11 some additional emphasis was placed on anything that could be adverse to U.S. interests and nationals in country.

Then the same embassy who presented the information comes under direct protest, albeit for a totally divergent and unattached  reason,  with protesters with intense emotion.  The embassy sends a series of “tweets” and messaging prior to, and during the protest, referencing the movie.  [Even though the movie had nothing to do with the protest out front]

The larger State Dept Public Relations and Public Affairs network then Flashes the Movie message to all interests as FYI’s.    When media reports pick up on the embassy protest turning violent (8am DC – 2pm Cairo), and the flag of al-Qaeda being raised atop the embassy, western media dots were connected that had nothing to do with each other; driven by state dept messaging
However, the erroneous dot connection became useful obfuscation when the Benghazi, Libya attack became known (3:40pm DC time – 9:40pm Benghazi)…..  A factually flawed connection between the Cairo protest and the Benghazi attack was picked up by all intelligence except those directly in contact with the Benghazi Consulate.

To those intelligence agents, officers, and alert recipients they had information of the prior Cairo protest, and now “in real-time” information about the unfolding Benghazi attack.    Those “outside of the direct national security communication network with the consulate compound” were only seeing/hearing the periphery issues.

That crew, on the periphery, is probably who told the White House what was going on.   Remember, this is a PT president, and a VERY lazy administration.   Hence, golf and fundraising will not impede a security breach over some silly u-tube movie.

By the time the Grown ups got ahold of the White House team, and told them to wake the fuck up, this is SERIOUS, it was too late; they had already diminished the importance of the event in Benghazi around a movie.

So they had to double down on STUPID.

It is not a grand White House conspiracy.   It is just a reflection of the lack of professionalism currently in the administration, and the shere ineptitude of the people in direct authority and in direct control.

Of course they are not going to send a Marine Contingent in to stave off a movie protest in Benghazi.  I mean, the Cairo crew dealt with it without military intervention…  The White House and crisis team did not grasp the depth of the entire event until it was too late.

And FOUR Americans were dead.

It is their ineptitude they are trying to cover for.   Nothing more – and nothing less.

Source from The Last Refuge is here.

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Findalis said...

Can you imagine the backlash here in the US if this bastard releases the Blind Sheik?

Obama is planning to do this after the election to appease his Muslim masters. I just hope that we can find enough people with torches, pitchforks, etc... to string this bastard up.