Obama and 'Joe the plumber': Must watch video

How many Joe the plumbers do you know?

Here in Central Oregon, I have known quite a few small businesses that have gone the way of this company, with similar results. Yes, Obama did come into office with the damages to our economy from many administrations but what he and his trolls have done just made things much worse.

In the private sector, Obama and his minions would have been FIRED.

Fire Obama on NOvember 6th 

The story of a multi-million dollar plumbing company that could not survive the Obama RECOVERY. Many thanks to Wells Fargo for not being there when we needed them. They were unwilling to pick up the phone and tell us that until it was too late. But then again they only ignored all follow-up attempts for 13 months in all. Too big to do it right.

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Findalis said...

Just one of many thousand companies Obama has destroyed.

Andrea said...

I can't even tell you how angry that makes me. We have a similar story but still hanging on.......