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OK, it is time to mnetion comments that are posted under ANONYMOUS.

1) ALL comments are moderated, all of them. 

2) If you post a comment under ANONYMOUS and want to get it any consideration that it will be published, do NOT make it like this one which I am posting only for content.

If you cannot write well in ENGLISH, do not waste our time or yours. 

From Sweden??? I suppose. An immigrant?

 While the meaning is quite clear, comments like this will NOT be published. 

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Be back late tonight...back to the white light":

Help to send things like this to muslim children in saudi arabien bloggs and mail, its time to take anti islam to mekka so they anderstand dont f--k whit eu....
Good day
This is information from Sweden
Vi are going to send info about Islam to children in Saudi Arabia, Iran and every Muslim country the reason is to cure all children from Islam.
Internet belongs to us and we are in you HOME computer. Mission is, no Muslim in EU.
Prophet Mohammed was 50 years old he marred Aicha 6 years old and when prophet Mohammed was 53 years old he had rape Aisha that was 9 years old child so prophet Mohammed was a paedophile. Prophet Mohammed was a slave owner so he was a BAD man that shod have be stoned fore he's crimes.
Why do Allah think that girls are big darkness that the Quran wraiths in sura bina 60.
Sweden have the Quran as toilet paper.
Have a nice day.

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