Bounty placed on Eric Allen Bell

A message from Eric Allen Bell who is being relentlessly hounded by Islamic fanatics that will KILL him if they can find him. Posting as received.
The images below are ones that I added in as I am sick and tired of seeing the West bowing to the Islamic hordes that threaten us all. PatriotUSA

Fellow Infidels -
As a consequence for exercising my right to free speech, to criticize the human rights nightmare called Islam, terrorists have placed a bounty on my head.  And I have gone into hiding while the DHS and FBI investigate this matter.  
My Facebook account has been hacked by Islamists who are currently bragging about this in a YouTube video.
Someone is purposefully trying to get me assassinated, by using this current climate of Islamo-lunacy to create a false rumor that I am the filmmaker behind, "The Innocence of Muslims".  I had nothing to do with that film at all, in any way whatsoever. 
Unfortunately, several newspapers in Pakistan are naming me as "the filmmaker".  This story has been planted by my enemies.  And although this has been a rough time, and going into hiding in a safe house is not fun, I see this as a good sign.  It means that the many articles I have published, calling out members of the Muslim Brotherhood in America and naming names, is working.  The information I am spreading on Islam is hitting a nerve.  And I fully intend not to miss a beat, but rather to step up my efforts to awaken the public as to the dangers of Political Islam.
Below are 4 recent articles, in chronological order.  The first 2 I wrote myself.  The 2nd two deal with the current bounty on my head by Islamists:

The True Face of Facebook:


Islamists Seek to Settle Score by Framing Filmmaker:

10 Million Rupee Bounty Placed on Eric Allen Bell’s Head:

Framed Filmmaker in Hiding to Escape Muslim Head Hunters:

Clearly the message that unites us here, the philosophy behind Global Infidel TV rings true, now more than ever:  "The Enemy of Islamic Brutality is TRUTH:  Spread it Like Napalm".
Please keep sharing links and videos on Facebook and Twitter.  Together we cannot and MUST NOT fail to put 1,400 of Islamic cruelty and insanity back in its cage.
Eric Allen Bell

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