American Exceptionalism: Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty

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Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, the truth of their story and their heroism MUST be told!

They are true representatives of AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM. PatriotUSA


Boldly Into The Breach

By Sundanecracker 

Will the real life story of incredible bravery the extreme courage of warriors Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods be lost just because of Machiavellian politics ?

Not on our watch.   Even if the true story of their heroism casts an uncomfortable light of truth upon the lies told by President Obama and his administration we will tell it.   They deserve it.

President Obama implied, quite intentionally, in his Weekly Address that Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were part of Ambassador Christopher Steven’s security detail:
Glen and Tyrone had each served America as Navy SEALs for many years, before continuing their service providing security for our diplomats in Libya. They died as they lived their lives — defending their fellow Americans, and advancing the values that all of us hold dear.
-President Obama (Weekly address)
Sounds good, the only problem is this statement is a total fabrication.   Yes, they were both former Navy Seals, but neither Tyrone nor Glen were part of the Ambassadors official security detail.
No.  The truth is: they heard the attack, they heard the gunfire, and knowing the danger to themselves they rushed into the breach taking weapons from the frightened Libyan security officials to help protect the American Consulate, Ambassador Stevens and his embassy aide Sean Smith.

Both Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were under no obligation to assist, protect or defend Stevens.   They could have bugged out, they didn’t…..  They ran into the breach.   It was, and is, an important enough distinction such that two U.S. officials quickly wanted to tell the truth.   They told the Guardian:   
[...]  they feared the Obama administration’s scant description of the episode left a misimpression that the two ex-Navy SEALs might have been responsible for the ambassador’s personal safety or become separated from him.
“Woods and Doherty weren’t part of the detail, nor were they personally responsible for the ambassador’s security, but they stepped into the breach when the attacks occurred and their actions saved others lives — and they shouldn’t be lumped in with the security detail,” …..

According to what scant actual information is available the former seal team members, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, appear to have been in Libya because they were contracted by another intelligence office, probably the CIA, to track down the missing surface-to-air missiles from the initial rebel uprising.

During the Gadaffi overthrow massive stockpiles of Libyan weapons including MANPADS and other surface to air missiles were looted from the military storage facilities.  Estimates put the number of missing missiles around 20,000.

It appears Doherty and Woods were in Libya to track down those weapons.   As a consequence of their visit they were crashed at the US consulate grounds using it as a safe place to meet, coordinate, and evaluate their ongoing intel.

 They were inside the consulate grounds when the consulate came under attack from the Libyan al-Qaeda terrorists.   They heard the shots, evaluated the assassination attempt, and immediately took up arms to defend Ambassador Stevens.

Their heroism is incredible when you consider what they were facing.   For over two hours they were able to fight back against approximately 200 al-Qaeda terrorists, who pre-planned and coordinated the attack to occur in two stages.   For over two hours they held off upwards of 200 attackers, under heavy fire from RPGs, mortars, and at least one 23mm Anti Aircraft gun firing on their position(s) around the consulate grounds.


This story must be told.   The heroism of Doherty and Woods MUST surface.  They deserve it.   Unfortunately, because the truth represents a risk to the manipulated narrative of the White House and State Department, it will be up to outsiders to keep the pressure on and force the truth to the surface.

If we leave it up to the Administration and the State Department we will probably never know the TRUTH and the heroism of Woods and Doherty will not be fully recognized or appreciated.
These guys died while defending US interests because they were brave patriots who put country ahead of self.

We will not let their courage be hidden or diminished.   I promise to do all I can to keep their story in the spotlight and provide their family the full measure of appreciation for their bravery.

They deserve it.

We will not forget, and will keep fighting for the recognition they deserve.


Original source is here.

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Andrea said...

HUGE thank you for getting this out. There might be more information at Blackfive - I saw just a snippit from there today and haven't had chance to go back. I will be gone this evening but will be doing my part.

PatriotUSA said...

Will check it out Andrea. taking a break for a bit but back later tonight, early AM.

Thanks for tip.

Findalis said...

The US Consulate is American soil. These 2 men had taken an oath to PROTECT & DEFEND the United States. That oath does not end when enlistment ends. No! It continues unto death.

Lessor men would run the other way to safety. A Great Man defends his nation.

These were Great Men. May G-d avenge their deaths.

1389 said...


This attack on US soil was an act of war. The US citizenry owes it to Woods and Doherty to avenge their deaths. If we don't, we are lining ourselves up for more and more attacks. It's time to stop listening to Muslim governments and warlords and to let our weapons do the talking.

Findalis said...


I had stated that this was US soil.

Woods and Doherty will be avenged, but not under this regime. Except more appeasement under the Obama Regime. G-d help us all!

Anonymous said...

Agreed this regime needs to be changed glen was a personal friend and was no security guard or on any security detail. Glen sacrificed his life for what he knew best defend the USA and its people interests.
Glen was working for the agency at the time and this administration is covering up a lot , I'm very well appraised with the situation there and Glens roll with Ty and others.
Sad when the government you serve fall for throws you under the bus . Why don't they have a hearing come out with the truth. Because its election time and a failed Odrama foreign policy .

PatriotUSA said...

Thanks for your comments and that you knew Glen, it carries a tremendous amount of weight.

One of the best things we can do is to ensure that those guilty of these fours deaths are removed from office and held accountable.

As far as I am concerned, Obama is the one responsible for Glen's death and the the other other three deaths.

The truth is coming out and Obama is a liar and Clinton is as guilty as he is. Treason is one crime these two losers are guilty of.

I am so sorry for your personal loss.