One Fine Day in Spain

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Sebastian Urbina

Or evening in this case. Here is what happened in Palma de Mallorca on a popular tourist street called Calle de Jamon (Ham Street) on August 10.


As you can see, the cops arrive late. MRC-TV identifies the rioters as African immigrants. Below is a Spanish blog report on the incident which I found. Their accompanying video has been removed by YouTube as a violation of its hate speech policy. I don't know if it is the same one I posted above.


Without translating the entire article, the theme is that the rioters were able to wreak their havoc with impunity. It goes on to condemn the Spanish political leadership for allowing the presence of these immigrants who seek to "impose their will on a silent majority" (the Spaniards). The (African) immigrants are described as largely unemployed, many in the country illegally and many involved in various criminal enterprises. Apparently, this was not an isolated incident. (This blog-Sabastian Urbina)  is previously unknown to me, so I don't know anything else about it.)

I have also found this news item on at least one blog that is clearly racist in nature, so I chose not to go any further with that one. Interestingly, I am still trying to find any report of this incident in the local Spanish press. As yet, I cannot. (If anyone can find it, please send me the link.) We have already seen in France and other European countries an unwillingness by the news media to identify the culprits when offenses are committed by certain ethnic or religious groups.

Which brings a question: Is the video above racist? It shows what happened. Is that the same one taken down by YouTube as being a violation of their hate speech policy? If so, why?

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