Let's Shut Down The Lie Folks

Paul Ryan's plan does not shut down Medicare.  It is, in simplicity - 55 and over keep what they have currently – the under 55 will have a choice to keep the current program, or, take their money and choose between competing companies for their medical.

A newly released video of an interview in 2009 between Jake Tapper and Barack Hussein Osama-Obama is very clear as to exactly who it is stealing from seniors who have paid into Medicare all their lives, and is giving it to those who have never, and will never, pay a dime.

An update, 08/01/12, in case you have not seen it - Obamacare Robs Medicare of $716 Billion To Fund Itself. 

Tools to use, or lose.  Let's shut down the lie!  We are at three months and counting - as if you didn't know! 

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TexasFred said...

Fully agreed... Problem is, the Obamites are screaming the LIE over and over again, and the Dumb Dems are buying it..

PatriotUSA said...

Indeed and that is why we must shout even louder and do it without the dirt, filth and lies that the left is stooping to.

Three months and counting until obama is evicted.